A fully electric SUV coupe that merges desirability and instantaneous performance


The CUPRA Tavascan is the first hero of a new era for the challenger brand. Derived directly from the Tavascan showcar unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, where it was presented as “the brand’s dream”, it brings the disruptive and unique vision of an all-electric future to the market.

The CUPRA Tavascan takes the brand’s electrification journey in a new direction with an exponential impulse to create emotional vehicles that break conventional rules and deliver for a new generation of car lovers.

The CUPRA Tavascan brings together a fully electric SUV coupe that merges desirability and instantaneous performance. The SUV coupe embodies CUPRA’s electrified vision while remaining faithful to the 2019 concept car.


  • It is CUPRA’s first all-electric SUV coupe, and the brand’s second fully electric model after the Born
  • The impulse for CUPRA’s new striking design language that will transfer to future electrified cars in the brand’s line-up
  • The CUPRA Tavascan perfectly matches electrification and performance; the most powerful version delivers 250kW, with dual-motor all-wheel drive system
  • The CUPRA Tavascan is an emotional and driving oriented SUV, featuring selectable Sport DCC chassis technology and progressive steering
  • Designed and developed in Barcelona, the CUPRA Tavascan will be produced at the Volkswagen Group’s Anhui factory in China, a state-of-the-art innovation hub for e-mobility.




CUPRA Tavascan

A revolutionary interior

If the exterior of the CUPRA Tavascan is a clear statement of where the brand is heading, its interior continues the same design language. As the head of Interior Design at CUPRA, David Jofré, explains, “we’ve been working hard to create a strong connection between all the parts