CUPRA Tavascan DNA Series

A revolutionary interior

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If the exterior of the CUPRA Tavascan is a clear statement of where the brand is heading, its interior continues the same design language. As the head of Interior Design at CUPRA, David Jofré, explains, “we’ve been working hard to create a strong connection between all the parts. The sculptural design language is part of all the elements, both on the exterior and the interior.”

The key to its revolutionary interior is based on the new hierarchy of elements divided into three levels. The first one is the spine, “the central spine that connects the other elements and which supports the dashboard. Conceived using parametric design which evolves from its base, it generates a strong connection with the rest of the levels, creating a cohesive whole” comments the designer.

“The second element is the copper blade, using our flagship colour, a colour that is crucial in the Colour&Trim strategy of the CUPRA Tavascan, and which helps us emphasise the overall horizontal proportions” David adds. The third is the upper side of the dashboard - “it’s the soft part, like a wing that floats above the other levels.”

Not only does this arrangement reinforce the CUPRA design strategy, in which the driver is at the centre, “it also balances the interior space, playing an important role for the other passengers” concludes the head of Interior Design at CUPRA. 

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