CUPRA Tavascan DNA Series

A perfect blend of technology and design

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A floating 15-inch central infotainment screen angled towards the driver, a 5.3-inch front-facing digital cockpit that delivers a driver-focused experience, an augmented reality head-up display that projects concise information through the windscreen, 9.8 m in front of the driver… To create the CUPRA Tavascan’s digital ecosystem, the CUPRA Design and Development teams came up with an intuitive, highly customisable user experience. This was guided by a new language in which design and technology seamlessly merge: “We worked in tandem from an early stage on a completely new process” says Leyre Olavarria, CUPRA Head of Cockpit Experience, to which the CUPRA Head of UX/UI Design, Jaume Sala, adds, “as a result we have developed the best user experience yet at CUPRA.”

On one hand, user data has been collected to find out which functions were used most frequently and “we also carried out usability tests with customers in order to make the best decisions on the user experience,” explains the CUPRA Head of Cockpit Experience. Based on this information they determined, together with the Design team, the best way to prioritise and represent each function. “The driver is at the centre of everything we design. In this interior you can see how digital and physical interactions go hand in hand for both to deliver the best experience; for example, the climate control which features touch illuminated buttons, as well as digitally integrated functions within the lower part of the central display, combining the best of both worlds,” explains the CUPRA Head of UX/UI Design.

Moreover, the system is highly customisable, as “every driver is different, and no two journeys are the same. People have different needs on a short drive in the city than on a longer road trip” says Olavarria. “You can change and prioritise the shortcuts on the home screen as you please, the sound settings, the ambient lighting... These customisation options in the CUPRA Tavascan enable us to deliver an overall driving experience that is totally adapted to the sensations you want to experience,” concludes Sala.