The New Arona: revamped with a more rugged look and a completely new interior design

SEAT Arona


Since its introduction in 2017, the SEAT Arona has been a success, selling close to 400,000 vehicles, and established as a key pillar of the brand’s range. Now the new SEAT Arona is ready to continue the success of this model at a time when the SUV market is expanding even further.

Its stronger, more robust, reliable and safer attitude and appearance is just the beginning; the urban SUV’s cabin is transformed while new levels of connectivity and driver assistant systems make the new SEAT Arona an even more complete package.

“The SEAT Arona was the second most sold model in 2020 solidifying its position as a core pillar in the brand’s range,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA. “The updated and upgraded version adds to the urban SUV’s incredible attributes, delivering an even more complete offering to our customers while refreshing the cars’ design and reinvigorating the segment.”


  • Exterior updates enhance the urban SUV’s character - especially with the new Xperience trim - to give it an increased off-road aesthetic, making it feel more robust and safer
  • The new SEAT Arona’s revolutionary interior design brings a modern, digital design language, with newly designed and illuminated air vents and larger floating-screen infotainment systems
  • Connectivity reaches another level with the inclusion of SEAT CONNECT, wireless access to CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as the voice recognition “Hola Hola”
  • An array of new driver assistant systems such as Travel Assist and upgrades systems such as Side Assist, make the new SEAT Arona even more intuitive and reassuring to drive
  • Five different powertrains between 90PS and 150PS, in petrol (TSI) and CNG (TGI) deliver the perfect mix of efficiency and dynamism
  • Reference, Style, FR and the all-new Xperience trims add a huge range of standard equipment and enough options to match the vehicle more closely to the customer’s personality
SEAT Arona
SEAT Arona

technical data

95 - 150 hp


160 - 250 nm


178 - 210

Maximum Speed km/h

8,4 - 13,2 s

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

282 - 400 l

Boot Capacity

3,7 - 6,6 l

Fuel Consumption