Racing DNA

CUPRA is a brand with racing in its DNA and big ambitions for sustainable racing.  

Challenge, sustainability, innovation, electrification and performance are the pillars of CUPRA Racing, and the brand’s motorsport heritage has helped push technological advancement and brought performance into the modern day, shifting from combustion to electric. 

Since 2018 and its participation in the TCR touring car championships with the CUPRA Leon Competición, the brand has delivered innovation on the racetrack and beyond.  

As CUPRA’s motorsport knowledge has grown it’s been able to adapt the most advanced powertrain technologies for the circuit. CUPRA competed with the world's first 100% electric racing car: the CUPRA e-Racer at the ETCR eTouring Car World Cup. 

CUPRA has used electrification to accelerate change, growing its pedigree by joining the Extreme E race series. The electric SUV off-road competition travelled the world, across some of the most remote and environments imaginable highlighting the impact of climate change. 

CUPRA further strengthened its commitment to electric motorsport, joining ABT to compete in Formula E, building on its electrified success in ETCR and Extreme E race series. 

CUPRA continues to prove that electrification and performance are a perfect match on and off track.


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