Future: Fast Forward: transforming the automotive industry for a sustainable electric future

Transforming the value chain of the automotive industry is a non-negotiable in the race towards electrification. To put Spain on electric wheels, the country must reshape its infrastructure. From the manufacture of electric batteries on an industrial scale to charging points for EVs, the transformation must be country-wide. A mission that the project Future: Fast Forward aims to accomplish.

SEAT S.A. is leading Future: Fast Forward, a 10 billion euro investment to transform Spain into a European electric mobility hub, in partnership with more than 50 companies. The groundbreaking initiative is the largest single industrial investment in Spain’s automotive industry, promoting the local development and manufacture of electric and connected vehicles.

The core pillar of the plan, led by SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group, will electrify the Martorell and Pamplona factories, ready for different Group brands. The second pillar of the project will see the creation of an entire battery ecosystem for electric cars in Spain, including the construction of a new gigafactory for battery cells in Sagunto (Valencia), and the creation of a complete supplier ecosystem. The third pillar includes the localisation in Spain of essential components for electric vehicles, while the fourth and final pillar will concentrate on training, digitalisation, and building a circular economy.

The landmark investment will transform the Spanish automotive industry, boosting the economy and guaranteeing thousands of new jobs.