Towards an electric future

SEAT S.A. has forged an ambitious roadmap towards electrification, representing the most important transformation in the company’s history: a commitment that includes the mission to turn Spain into a European hub for e-mobility.

Together with the Volkswagen Group, PowerCo and partners, SEAT S.A. is investing 10 billion euros in Future: Fast Forward, the largest single industrial investment in Spanish history. So much so, it is estimated that it will positively impact on the Spanish economy of more than 2.1 billion euros.

But it doesn’t stop there. SEAT S.A. is leading the Small BEV Family cluster for the Volkswagen Group on the journey to electrification. This includes the electrification of the Group’s key industrial facilities, including SEAT S.A.’s Martorell factory, the Volkswagen factory in Pamplona, the construction of a new battery cells gigafactory in Sagunto (Valencia), and the creation of a complete supplier ecosystem.

More than 70 years ago, SEAT S.A. put Spain on wheels, and now, it wants to put Spain on electric wheels. 

CUPRA: the perfect match between performance and electrification

CUPRA was born in 2018, when a group of true believers committed to creating a brand that would inspire the world from Barcelona. 

The ambition? To launch a new brand that stood out for its contemporary values – not a brand based on heritage and tradition, but rather an alternative for the next generation of car lovers looking for something different from what their parents and grandparents were driving.

With a clear proposition to create emotional cars with great design and performance, CUPRA has become one of Europe’s fastest growing car brands. At the heart of this growth is the Formentor – the first car to be exclusively designed by the brand.

In 2021, the brand’s first 100% electric car, the CUPRA Born, was launched. The model proved that electrification and performance are a perfect match. With every design, CUPRA has further demonstrated that electric cars can be fun and sexy, rather than functional and boring. 

The unconventional challenger brand aims to become fully electrified by 2030, and by 2025, CUPRA will launch three new electrified heroes for a new era –the CUPRA Tavascan, the CUPRA Terramar and the CUPRA Raval.

SEAT MÓ: committing to a cleaner urban environment

SEAT MÓ launched its product portfolio in 2020 with one goal: to meet the needs of a new generation of city-dwellers who want to move efficiently in urban areas. 

The range of 100% electric scooters marked a significant step in SEAT’s journey towards meeting the demands of city life, improving mobility for citizens, while reducing noise and pollution. The brand began its expansion into Europe in 2021 and before entering global markets.