People make the change

Over the past 30 years, SEAT S.A. has created employment opportunities and boosted industrial growth in Spain.

Many employees have worked with SEAT S.A. for years and know their job inside out. The shift towards electrification will therefore require a huge cultural change within the business, with employees upskilling as well as adapting to and embracing new technologies.

To achieve this, employees are being trained to ensure they have the necessary facilities and skills to handle the electrification of SEAT S.A. Today, approximately 12,000 people work in the factory and the headquarters of Martorell – across a site that is equivalent to 400 football pitches. Given the scale of change, the company is implementing the biggest learning and development programme in its history- delivering 340,000 hours of training to employees in the coming years- to ensure each employee feels supported on the journey to electrification.

Daily tasks will look completely different in only a few years, so all employees must re-skill and up-skill to ensure they are prepared for their future role. The SEAT S.A. learning and development plan will ensure everyone is supported to acquire and improve their knowledge with learnings, training and internal rotations.

In tandem, SEAT S.A. is upskilling its technological capabilities to improve efficiencies across the supply chain. Investments by the Group will transform Martorell into a smarter factory, implementing data and business intelligence tools, virtual reality, and the use of big data to improve production processes and real-time monitoring.