Empowered to empower

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA, and Jaume Collboni, Mayor of Barcelona, with the CUPRA Born and the CUPRA Raval
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Every woman was once a girl. Someone who looked up to others. But what happens when you, as a girl, don’t get to see enough women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? You won’t be likely to follow that path.

Year after year, the International Women's Day poses an opportunity to reflect on the existing gender gap in society. A gap that's much bigger in STEM and automotive careers. And, although we can’t change the past, we have a chance to influence the future. How? By creating an exponential network of role models. 

That's exactly what SEAT S.A. aims to do: giving visibility to the women in the company to empower the girls of today. Girls who will become the women in STEM of tomorrow and, in turn, emerge as examples for generations to come. 

Ariadna Saladrigas, an industrial engineer who is a Data Scientist at SEAT CODE; Laura Rodríguez, an electrical and industrial engineer who works in User Experience & Interior Engineering at SEAT S.A.; Alba Rollano, an industrial engineer qualified in automotive, racing engineering and data science, who works as R&D VP Assistant; physician Dr. Patricia Such, new Director of Corporate Operations; and Dr. Laura Carnicero, Vice-President for People and Organization, who holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering, are some of the STEM women at SEAT S.A.

Among their own role models, we find Marie Curie, María de Villota or Emma Watson, but also their mothers, grandmothers, or fathers, as they drove them to pursue STEM careers. Now it's their turn to empower the future. Let's see how they do so through these pieces of advice: