SEAT S.A. puts employee innovative spirit at the heart of its transformation strategy with Innovation Days+

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  • Innovation Days+ is a two-day event that showcases the innovation of SEAT S.A. employees and partners
  • The event features inspiring talks, a summit with more than 40 projects, startup pitches, a hackathon and a virtual reality experience to explore and feel part of the CUPRA brand

SEAT S.A. is holding the fifth edition of its Innovation Days+ on 15 and 16 November, an inspirational event that recognises and encourages a mindset and culture of transformation in the company among its more than 14,000 employees. Innovation Days+ are designed to place innovation at the heart of SEAT S.A., promoting a culture of continuous improvement, while exploring opportunities for efficiency and disruption for both brands, SEAT and CUPRA.

At this year’s edition, SEAT S.A. employees from different areas present 46 innovative projects in a summit, an innovative and collaborative space that offers solutions for services, processes, mobility and new business models. The aim is to connect and find the synergies between them, while demonstrating new and more efficient ways of working through innovation.

Innovation is at the core of SEAT S.A.’s transformation. To transition successfully to electrification, we need to encourage our employees to keep think creatively, providing a fresh perspective that will open doors to new opportunities. The ideas presented this year’s event show that we are ready to enter a future for the automotive industry that will be built on disruption, continuous learning and innovative thinking,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA.

A special focus on startups and inspiring talks

At this year’s edition, the event focuses on inspiring talks and pitch sessions, where experts from SEAT S.A., invited speakers and eight startups share practical and innovative business ideas. They present real-world cases studies around the use of artificial intelligence, new trends and disruptive methodologies, giving attendees the chance to interact with them and explore potential applications in the automotive industry.  

The Innovation Days+ also feature a two-day hackathon, a program where SEAT and CUPRA employees find solutions to real challenges of the company and generate new innovative business models that return into real value.

According to Laura Carnicero, Executive Vice-President for People and Organization of SEAT S.A., “this event embodies our commitment to a culture that pushes the boundaries of innovation at a time when SEAT S.A. is undergoing the most important transformation in its history. Innovation Days+ is a platform for employees, partners and startups to come together to explore new possibilities, ensuring SEAT S.A. continues to develop the innovative solutions that will add value to our business in this moment of rapid transformation for our industry.”

Spotlight on innovative projects

The demonstration area showcases various projects that use data and AI to improve the automotive industry, such as Data Transfer, which leverages car data to enhance the user experience and generate new business opportunities or Smart Warranty, an automated warranty analyst that uses data entry and machine learning to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Other innovative ideas on display are the Smart Inspection Cobot, an AI-powered weld spot inspection system integrated into a collaborative robot (cobot) to enhance real-time quality control and AQUA, an AI-driven tool for simulating crash and stamping processes, providing reliable results and reducing costs in the vehicle development process.

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