CUPRA Tavascan - A dream come true

CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths: “The CUPRA Tavascan isn’t just a car, it’s an attitude to the future”

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  • Just days ahead of the CUPRA Tavascan’s World Premiere in Berlin, the CEO of SEAT and CUPRA Wayne Griffiths explains what this dream come true means to him and the brand
  • Since its presentation in 2019 as a concept car, the CUPRA Tavascan has followed the same essence, a 100% electric SUV that challenges the status quo for a unique driving experience
  •  The CUPRA Tavascan will be officially unveiled on April 21st in Berlin and will go into production later this year 

"Big dreams begin with a few believers.” This is how the CEO of SEAT and CUPRA Wayne Griffiths explains the brand’s early vision. Their aim was to reinvent electrification and prove that electric cars could be sexy and uniquely sporty. And not even one year after launching the brand, those believers were bold enough to unveil the CUPRA Tavascan Concept in 2019. What was once nothing more than a sketch is now a piece of the brand’s future, and in just a few days’ time, at CUPRA’s Exponential Impulse event in Berlin, the world is going to discover this all-electric SUV, a new hero for the new era. In this interview, Wayne Griffiths talks about the significance of this milestone in CUPRA’s story. 

You are about to present the CUPRA Tavascan to the world. What does it mean to you?

It’s a dream come true that started at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show four years ago. We wanted to present an electric car that was rational in terms of sustainability, but with a great design, sexy and emotional, unlike anything seen before. We were ready to challenge the status quo and provoke the world. And the answer was the CUPRA Tavascan Concept, which made a big impact, not only with its sensational exterior design, but especially with its interior, where the spine and special lighting dazzle in their own right. I can’t wait to unveil the CUPRA Tavascan. You’ll see that even when it’s not moving, it’s poised and ready to launch into the unknown with single-minded determination.

In a few days we’ll get to see the final model. Will there be many differences compared to the CUPRA Tavascan Concept?

When we created the concept car, the message was clear - we didn’t want a show car that we couldn’t produce. We wanted to create a new electric car concept that could effectively be driven on every road in the world. We weren’t content to simply tease everyone with a sensational concept - we wanted to deliver a unique experience that would light the way and truly redefine what it means to drive an electric car. There have been some changes, but the CUPRA Tavascan that we’re unveiling in a few days in Berlin will show that we stayed true to the essence of the 2019 concept car. 

What will this new model mean for CUPRA?

With the CUPRA Tavascan, a new hero is born for a new era. CUPRA is growing steadily and the results are pushing us to keep dreaming. This model symbolises our success. We’re aiming for a promising, ambitious future, firmly intent on entering global markets such as Australia, where we landed last year to great acclaim. And we also want to reach South America, where the brand is already well known. Who knows? Maybe one day the CUPRA Tavascan will lead the way in new markets. At CUPRA we dream big and we want to continue to accomplish everything we put our minds to. And in this sense, the CUPRA Tavascan isn’t just a car, it’s an attitude to the future; it takes fear out of the equation.

What are your expectations of the CUPRA Tavascan presentation in Berlin?

At CUPRA we have delivered on our promise to create a car that is sexy, unique and appealing to new generations. It’s the perfect time to present it, with the electric SUV market constantly growing, as is CUPRA, after a fantastic year for the brand in every way. Our unconventional vision makes us a unique brand beyond selling cars; it generates emotions. And the CUPRA Tavascan proves that technology can indeed transform, but real change takes emotion. We don’t want to present an electric SUV that everybody likes, but that a few will absolutely love. Is the CUPRA Tavascan too challenging? Are we going too far? Are we being too provocative? You’ll find out on April 21st in Berlin when we unveil it to the world. 

Watch the CUPRA Tavascan World Premiere here: Exponential Impulse – World Premiere CUPRA Tavascan - YouTube

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