CUPRA x FC Barcelona

What will the new Spotify Camp Nou be like? Barça players discover its virtual version behind the wheel of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept

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  • Marc-André ter Stegen, Alexia Putellas, Pedri, Ona Batlle, Raphinha, Claudia Pina, João Felix, Jana, Fermín López, Lucy Bronze, Vitor Roque and Bruna demonstrated their skills driving the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept while wearing a virtual reality headset
  • The players took on the Exponential Experience, CUPRA's virtual reality concept, adapted for the occasion with the new Spotify Camp Nou, elements of a futuristic Barcelona and blaugrana features around the track
  • During the event, they also got a close-up look at the CUPRA Tavascan, CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon PHEV to learn more about the future of the brand

FC Barcelona's return to the new Spotify Camp Nou is not too far off. However, with the help of CUPRA, a group of players from the men’s and women’s football teams got an exclusive sneak peek inside the stadium for the first time without leaving the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper's facilities. How did they do it? Through CUPRA's pioneering Exponential Experience, where the driver, wearing a virtual reality headset, handles the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept in the physical world while they see a digital circuit. This time, adapted to a Barça style. This is how Marc-André ter Stegen, Alexia Putellas, Pedri, Ona Batlle, Raphinha, Claudia Pina, João Felix, Jana, Fermín López, Lucy Bronze, Vitor Roque and Bruna, accompanied by Jordi Gené as their co-pilot, once again heard the roar of the crowd at Spotify Camp Nou as they put their driving skills to the test. 

A futuristic Barcelona. The Exponential Experience merges the tangible with the virtual to maximise the thrill of driving. For this occasion, it was adapted to a blaugrana environment and aesthetics, so that the new generations of the club can get to know Barça's future through a 100% CUPRA experience. Featuring iconic buildings such as the Glòries Tower and a completed Sagrada Família, a futuristic Barcelona welcomes the players as they speed towards Spotify Camp Nou for their first (virtual) interaction with the new stadium, which is currently under renovation.

Blaugrana sentiment. Integrating the pitch into the Exponential Experience was without doubt the most challenging aspect. FC Barcelona provided CUPRA with the 3D architectural renderings of the new stadium which had to be adapted to the dimensions of the driving area and to an arcade style. The result after more than 500 hours of work is a Spotify Camp Nou with gamified structure and details but maintaining its essence. “It’s a really authentic experience and the new Spotify Camp Nou looks great; I can’t wait to be there” says Marc-André ter Stegen. “The sensory quality is amazing, with the noise and the chants getting louder and louder as you get closer to the stadium, and the mosaic of spectators you see once you’re inside” says Jana. 

A race to the finish. “I consider myself a good driver” says Raphinha before jumping into the car, to which João Felix replies “I’m good at video games, so maybe that’ll give me an edge.” “I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it” says Bruna. Once behind the wheel, they share their impressions with Jordi Gené: “I’m going to let it rip” Claudia Pina lets him know. “It’s wild” quips Fermín López. When he gets out of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept, Pedri exclaims “The car’s awesome!”, while Alexia Putellas is still focused on the result of the competition - “I can’t wait to find out what our times are!”

Future meets future. With the Exponential Experiencethe players got the chance to participate in a unique event together with CUPRA, Barça’s Official Automotive and Mobility Partner and Official Car, a sponsorship agreement that has been renewed for five more years. “We wanted FCB players to enjoy our most unconventional driving experience to the fullest in order to allow them to already step into their new home, and meet our future electrified CUPRA models, to reinforce the global alliance between CUPRA and FC Barcelona in both the physical and the virtual world" explains Patrick Sievers, CUPRA's Global Head of Marketing. 

"Now I want to have another go” says Vitor Roque. “It’s a lot of fun, better than what I expected” adds Lucy Bronze. “Simply amazing” concludes Ona Batlle. An experience into the future in which they also got the chance to get a closer look at the brand’s revamped models, the CUPRA Tavascan and the CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon PHEV.