Production of the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon begins in Martorell as the next step in the factory’s historic transformation

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  • The new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon are the latest representations of CUPRA’s design obsession and a new milestone for the company
  • SEAT S.A. is investing more than 3 billion euros in the electrification of Martorell, and the production process of both models will benefit from this transformation
  • Martorell is currently integrating innovative technologies and digitalisation tools, helping the company to become more agile, sustainable and profitable
  • The factory is undergoing the biggest transformation of its history towards intelligent and connected production

CUPRA continues to take its range to new levels as it starts the production of the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon, fearlessly redesigned and enhanced models embodying the brand’s design obsession. The first units will soon be ready to take the streets, with deliveries of both cars starting in the third quarter of this year. Created to represent the brand’s distinctive aesthetic values, the models’ production marks a new era for CUPRA as a design-driven brand.

“The new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon are key models for the future of our Martorell plant and will spearhead the expansion of the brand into global markets”, said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA. “We are investing more than 3 billion euros in the electrification of Martorell, and the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon will be among the first models to benefit from this unprecedented investment in the future of our company,” he added.

Both vehicles have been redesigned for the new generation of drivers, incorporating the DNA of CUPRA’s bold design language, and setting the stage for the next chapter in their success story. Available as plug-in hybrid, offering more than 100km of all-electric range, or with new, high-performance petrol engines, the CUPRA Formentor, the brand’s best-seller, was the first model designed and developed exclusively by CUPRA and has consistently been topping sale charts with more than 347,000 units produced to date. With the CUPRA Leon as a major driving force in CUPRA’s success, the brand has expanded its footprint around the world with more than 600,000 units delivered since the brand’s launch in 2018. 

Martorell: A driver of growth and development

The CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon have been designed and developed at Martorell. The start of production of both models represents a further step in the ongoing transformation of the facilities. The production line of the two models has an impact on more than 4,000 jobs, one third of the approximately 12,000 employees currently at the production facilities.

“We are working to transform and enhance our factory, integrating the most advanced technologies in its manufacturing and structural processes”, said Markus Haupt, Executive Vice-President for Production and Logistics at CUPRA. “Martorell is the third largest factory in terms of production volume of the Volkswagen Group in Europe, and we will keep growing with new models, but also through the implementation of smart technology and artificial intelligence,” he added.

Inaugurated in 1993, SEAT S.A.’s factory in Martorell has been central in the company’s success. The installations have a surface of 2.8 million m2 (400 football pitches) and have produced more than 12 million vehicles of 45 different model that have been exported to more than 70 countries around the world. 

2023 was a key year for Martorell, which not only celebrated its 30-year anniversary, but also grew its production 21% to reach 443.443 vehicles. The company started the installation of the Volkswagen Group’s first 100% electric paint drying oven in Martorell, which has recently come into operation. The company has also developed top-tier digitalized tools and systems to guarantee the highest quality of its products, innovations directly benefiting the production of CUPRA’s brand new models.

“This is a key moment for our Martorell plant. Together we are driving the transformation of the factory to ensure the launch of the first 100% electric models while continuing to produce combustion and electrified vehicles”, said Jose Arreche, Director of the Martorell plant.

The current transformation of SEAT S.A.’s factory in Martorell towards electrification is a key part of the company’s goal of turning Spain into a hub for electric mobility in Europe. SEAT S.A. is leading the cluster of the Volkswagen Group’s electric urban car family, which will democratise access to electric cars. By the end of 2025, the 100% electric CUPRA Raval will roll off Martorell’s production line. Over the following months, the Volkswagen ID 2.all will also be produced in this plant. This summer, the company will move the entire production of the SEAT Ibiza and SEAT Arona to another assembly line in Martorell to prepare a new line for electric cars at the factory. The transformation that SEAT S.A. has set in motion also has a direct effect on the company on an industrial, organisational and cultural level.