John Galliano, ffitcoco, passing through Movistar KOI, this May City Garage is on fire

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  • Karont, the current streetwear brand, presents its new collection 'Outcåst' based on Norse mythology and Matrix
  • The CUPRA City Garage Madrid celebrates San Isidro in style with a Vermouth Session. The Madrid tribe will fully enjoy the culture and tradition of the city in the purest CUPRA style
  • The world of eSports lands at the CUPRA City Garage Madrid with the arrival of MAD Lions KOI
  • Ffitcoco, the fitness trainer who has conquered millions of followers worldwide, arrives with two exclusive masterclasses

In just two months since its opening, the CUPRA City Garage Madrid has become one of the recognized hot spots in the city, a place to experience unique events related to art, music, fashion, sports, and motors. Below, we present the events you can't miss this month.

"High & Low by John Galliano" by Filmin

John Galliano has left an indelible mark on the fashion world with his extravagance and his ability to challenge the boundaries of convention. On May 6th, the CUPRA City Garage Madrid hosted "High & Low," a documentary that explores the ups and downs of Galliano's life and career, offering a unique insight into one of the most influential designers of our time.

Fashion Show: Karont presents Outcåst

After captivating the EGO SS22 runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid with their collection 'Trece,' the streetwear fashion brand Karont presents their new proposal 'Outcåst' at the City Garage. Inspired by Norse mythology and the universe of Matrix, this collection promises to take streetwear to new heights, blending ancestral elements with a futuristic touch.

San Isidro Celebration: Vermut Session

The festive spirit of San Isidro, one of the most emblematic and beloved celebrations by the people of Madrid, is experienced at the City Garage. On May 14th, a Vermut Session in the purest CUPRA style will take place, led by Petroni, the Galician vermouth brand that won first prize at the World Vermouth Awards.

Book Presentation: "Aviadora" by Virginia Llera

Virginia Llera, screenwriter, director, and producer who worked as a screenwriter for Elite, presents her novel "Aviadora" at the CUPRA City Garage. A series of everyday actions that have shaped the role of women in contemporary society. "Aviadora" is a choral novel, fun, with echoes of popular culture, dynamic, fresh, and emotional. On May 15th, the space hosts a tribute to women who decided to leave behind the obligation of being perfect wives and mothers and dared to dream.

In conversation with: Ana Mª Caballero

In another edition of CUPRA Talks, the outstanding multidisciplinary artist Ana María Caballero, known for her innovative approach and ability to explore various artistic media, surprises us with her latest audiovisual work. With a trajectory that spans painting and sculpture, on May 20th, Ana invites us to immerse ourselves in her fascinating creative world through this unique piece.

Viewing Event: Movistar KOI

The world of eSports lands at the CUPRA City Garage in Madrid with the arrival of MAD Lions KOI, who promise to offer one of the most exciting matches of the season against Barça. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to witness one of the thrilling matches of the League of Legends Superleague, immersing themselves in a unique experience for gaming enthusiasts. With the special presence of influencers: Suja, Karchez, and Pandarina.

In Conversation with: Antonyo Marest

Antonyo Marest, the talented muralist from Alicante, has left his mark all over the world, and now his stunning art arrives at the CUPRA City Garage. With his innovative approach, Marest has created an imposing nine-story totem using containers, a majestic work that now adorns Miami, right next to Spotify's headquarters. His presence at the City Garage merges urban art with CUPRA's avant-garde vision, transcending borders and thrilling those lucky enough to see it.

Serielizados: "Las largas sombras" by Disney+

In a new edition of Serialized, the CUPRA City Garage hosts the presentation of "The Long Shadows," a captivating mystery series, with Belén Cuesta and Elena Anaya among its protagonists. Set in stunning landscapes, the series follows the journey of a determined detective as she unravels dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of a picturesque town. Álvaro Morte, the famous "professor" from "Money Heist," will be the one to liven up this gathering.

Master Class by Ffitcoco

Ffitcoco, the expert in fitness and personal training, recognized for captivating millions of followers worldwide, arrives at the CUPRA City Garage Madrid with two exclusive masterclasses. They promise to be a unique experience, where participants can learn firsthand the methods and strategies that have contributed to Ffitcoco's success, from high-intensity workouts to practical tips on nutrition and well-being, all designed to motivate, challenge, and empower everyone present, regardless of their physical condition or previous experience.

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