Cinema, music, and sports in July at CUPRA City Garage Madrid

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  • CUPRA City Garage celebrates Pride Month with an intergenerational talk on contemporary queer issues and the differences between various generations of the LGTBIQ+ community
  • BRESH, the coolest international event, lands in Madrid this summer. With its ability to bring together diverse tribes and celebrities, it promises a unique experience filled with music and surprises

The CUPRA City Garage Madrid has become one of the city's renowned hotspots, a place to experience unique events related to art, music, fashion, sports, and motor. Here are the events you can't miss this month.

Garage Film Selection by Filmin

This July, our space will host the Garage Film Selection, a carefully curated collection of films by Filmin that promises to both surprise and entertain in equal measure. On Tuesday, July 2nd, during the first session, we'll enjoy "Swan Song," a delightfully queer comedy starring Udo Kier, who plays an eccentric hairdresser with a dramatic past.

Upcoming films include "Ramona" (07/08), a charming romantic comedy about second chances; "Laurent Garnier: Off the Record" (07/16), a fascinating documentary about the iconic figure in electronic music; "Broker" (07/23), an intense drama exploring the ethical dilemmas of illegal adoption; and "Reality" (07/30), an intriguing story based on true events about a government employee who leaks classified information.

In Conversation with: Proud LGTBIQ+ Generations

LGTBIQ+ equal rights have been and continue to be one of the most important struggles. From repression and imprisonment to representation and fundamental rights, there is still much to be done and learned. In an intergenerational talk, we will explore contemporary queer issues and the differences between various generations of the community. On July 4th, we will be joined by three major figures: Carla Antonelli, Laura Terciado, and Daniel Valero, who will be the moderator.

BRESH Madrid at CUPRA City Garage

BRESH, the world's coolest party, arrives at CUPRA City Garage Madrid on July 11th. BRESH is globally known for its unique style of playing "hit after hit," offering a fun mix of reggaeton, pop, dancehall, rock, electronic, and old school. This blend creates an irresistibly addictive musical experience. Numerous celebrities have enjoyed this event in other cities around the world, such as Rosalía, Rauw Alejandro, and Bizarrap in its Barcelona and New York editions; Lola Índigo and Quevedo in Madrid; or Nathy Peluso and C. Tangana in its Las Vegas edition. Who will we see at this exclusive edition with CUPRA City Garage? 

Garage Live Podcast: 620 BPM by Radio Primavera Sound

The quintessential music podcast arrives at the Garage on July 15th with a series of live talks hosted by Isma Silva and Dani Galeano, featuring numerous guests from the current music scene. In 620 BPM, they have interviewed prominent figures in the music industry such as Toccororo, Judeline, Abhir, Nickzzy, Yung Prado, Ana Sotillo, Santi Pérez, and Genís Pena. These talks offer a unique opportunity to get up close with these artists, hear their experiences, and learn more about the music that is setting trends.


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