New CUPRA Formentor

CUPRA’s new icon through the eyes of Jorge Diez

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  • CUPRA Head of Design, Jorge Diez, shows us firsthand the design of the new CUPRA Formentor
  • The company’s bestseller embraces the brand’s new design language
  • For Diez, the new CUPRA Formentor represents the brand’s authenticity with a “provocative design that will make it an icon”

The latest CUPRA Formentor was unveiled to the world on the 29th of April, but it’s a car that emerged five years ago as the first model designed and developed exclusively by CUPRA. Since then, it’s become the company’s bestselling model and will now be its new icon. A few days before the World Premiere, CUPRA Head of Design, Jorge Diez, went to take a look at it during a photo shoot. His words on entering the set speak volumes, “It’s provocative, it’s authentic, it’s going to surprise the world.” And that’s exactly what it’s done. Achieving this with a model that was already a success, is the result of a restyling in which the essence of the brand can be seen in every detail and which Jorge explains as he looks over the CUPRA Formentor.

Provocation evolving into design. One of the aspects that Jorge highlights is the modification to the front end of the model, “it’s a totally new look” he says and adds, “we have incorporated the DNA of our new design language: our characteristic shark-nose front end, the integrated logo, and of course the lights; three illuminated triangles framed within a triangle, our provocative, unmistakable new signature.”

Sculptural proportions. As he goes through every detail of the new model, the CUPRA designer focuses on the side design details, where this crossover SUV’s proportions and athletic character become more evident, “as well as the incredible matte colours inspired by the rugged beauty of nature, that further define its contours, emphasising its muscular stance.” Its enhanced sportiness is reinforced by the copper alloy wheels, the mouldings and blisters, which add a sense of movement.

The heart of the Formentor. According to CUPRA’s Head of Design, another of the changes that better represents the evolution of the model is found at the rear, where he emphasises the logo integrated into the coast-to-coast light, “for us it represents the heart of the car.” The aerodynamic diffuser in the lower section also underlines its bold character, making “the CUPRA Formentor stand out from the crowd.”

Focusing on sustainability. Jorge Diez now turns to the interior of the model, which highlights its sportiness “with a more sustainable approach in the choice of materials” explains the designer. The driver remains at the centre of CUPRA’s models, with a new and improved HMI behind the steering wheel and a 12.9” retro-illuminated infotainment display.

As he finishes his visual tour of the CUPRA Formentor, the expression on Jorge’s face reflects the excitement of knowing that the model will continue the success of its predecessor, “The CUPRA Formentor is the essence of our DNA, and it’s now become an icon.”