CUPRA and Marset introduce the new Marset X CUPRA Dipping Light portable lamp

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  • CUPRA and the lighting design brand Marset reinforce their relationship with a second lamp collaboration that connects the brands’ shared design obsession
  • The Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light is a special edition of Marset’s iconic lamp, customised with CUPRA’s distinctive colours and materials
  •  The new lamp will be presented on April 16th at the CUPRA City Garage in Milan during Milan Design Week

CUPRA and lighting design brand Marset are collaborating for a second time, two brands from Barcelona with design obsession in their DNA. After the successful launch of the Marset x CUPRA Chispa lamp in 2021, the brands continue their collaboration with Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light, a special edition of Marset’s iconic lamp, customised with colours and materials that represent CUPRA’s design aesthetics.

The Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light is a battery powered lamp that evokes emotions with its mesmerizing colour gradient and magical ambience. Marset first created its popular piece from an artistic performance by the designer Jordi Canudas, hand-dipping the glass shade several times in liquid paint. The various layers of paint draw concentric circles and trap the light, attenuating its intensity. The Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light features colours inspired CUPRA’s rebellious spirit, and a distinctive metallic copper base, one of the materials CUPRA uses holistically in its design language. The lamp has 3 levels of light, controlled with a switch, as well as a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours on maximum intensity, and up to 20 hours on the minimum intensity.

“This symbolic project unites two different worlds that share the importance of design, colour and lighting,” said Francesca Sangalli, Head of Colour&Trim and Concept&Strategy of CUPRA. “The CUPRA Dipping Light explores the effects of coloured paint layers and light to define the CUPRA character. The gradient of the colours from dark to light expresses the aesthetic of “fading” also used in our design of the cars.”

Like CUPRA’s boldly designed cars, the Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light represents the brands’ shared aesthetic values of challenging the status quo. While off, the lamp’s high-gloss elements stand for CUPRA’s refined sophistication. When switched on, its different shades of paint filter and trap the light, expressing its raw and unconventional character, reminiscent of CUPRA’s newest and most rebellious design, the DarkRebel Showcar, the first car fully created in the brand’s virtual space and based on 270,000+ configurations created by the CUPRA Tribe. 

“We believe Marset and CUPRA, two brands born and based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, form a good alliance,” said Javier Marset, CEO of Marset “We share fundamental values: we are both daring and disruptive, we pay attention to every detail and our Barcelona origins are part of our DNA. We combine quality with beauty in our designs and seek to challenge the status quo and inspire the world from Barcelona”.

This project underlines CUPRA’s intention to push boundaries and go beyond the automotive world. Marset and CUPRA first collaborated in 2021 with the successful release of the Marset & CUPRA Chispa, a garage inspired battery powered lamp that was on display at the MOMA Store in New York City and most design retailers all over. This latest partnership seeks to continue highlighting the creativity and innovation that drive both CUPRA and Marset, as well as to offer top-quality unconventional designs to those who are passionate about ingenious and exciting aesthetics.

The Marset x CUPRA Dipping Light Lamp will be presented at both the CUPRA City Garage in Milan on April 16th during Milan Design Week, and at the Marset Milano showroom at Brera district. It will be available for purchase in Marset and CUPRA online and in retail stores starting in July.