World Premiere

CUPRA Design Obsession: Three things you didn’t know about CUPRA’s boldest event

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CUPRA’s obsession with design goes well beyond its cars. Its bold style can be seen in the CUPRA City Garages, in its clothing and accessories collections, and of course, in its events as well. The brand made this clear once again last Monday with the World Premiere of the new CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon in a display of creativity, design and CUPRA DNA. A unique visual performance that highlighted the unveiling of the new styling of the models and showcased the brand’s design values as never before, defying all conventions. Below are three things you didn’t know about the ‘CUPRA Design Obsession’ event:

A venue with CUPRA DNA. "Together with our colleagues from Marketing, we decided to reimagine such a historical place as the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, to turn it into a CUPRA-style space" says Arnaud Hacault, Head of Product Communications at CUPRA. The result: an event infused with CUPRA's essence, attended by more than 500 media and content creators who came to see first-hand the brand’s revamped models.

A new level of experience. When we talk about Design Obsession, this obsession goes far beyond cars; it’s about applying design values to all aspects of the brand. Therefore, "we conceived an immersive space to take people to another level of experience" explains Shuran Ye, from the CUPRA Events Management team. How did they do it? By projecting images on all the facades, drawing patterns across the ceiling of the Glass Gallery with a laser lighting display or installing a huge mirror-screen to offer an additional visual dimension. "We didn’t want it to be a run-of-the-mill car presentation, but rather a fashion show, with a catwalk where we digitally showed the personification of our design values" she says.

An impulse around the world. For a truly global brand like CUPRA, it’s vital that its impact reaches far and wide. That’s why the CUPRA City Garages played a special role in this event - "There wasn’t just one, but eight simultaneous presentations in the CUPRA City Garages, with more than 900 participants all over the world" says Mireia Arnau, from the CUPRA Events Management team. "Their involvement made the event even more successful and emotional" she concludes.