Art, Music, Fashion, and Sports in June at CUPRA City Garage Madrid

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  • TVBOY, the Italian artist based in Barcelona and one of the leading contemporary figures in urban art, presents his exhibition Garage Takeover, available at the City Garage until June 29th.
  • The CUPRA City Garage hosts a new edition of Serielizados Presenta with a talk about El Caso Asunta, a drama that meticulously maintains appearances to stay true to the case that shocked an entire country, starring Candela Peña.
  • In a new edition of CCG Music Sessions, Valencian artist and LGTBIQ+ community icon Jimena Amarillo arrives to present her latest single, Sueño.

CUPRA City Garage Madrid has become one of the city's renowned hotspots, a place to experience unique events related to art, music, fashion, sports, and motors. Here are the events you can't miss this month.

TVBOY Opening Exhibition: Garage Takeover

TVBOY, the Italian artist based in Barcelona who everyone is talking about. Multifaceted and provocative, Salvatore captures the countless realities and phenomena of today through a universal, democratic, and unique language. Garage Takeover is a declaration of intentions, a true invitation to reflection. Creative freedom, digitalization, the ephemeral nature of urban art, sustainability, and talent—this exhibition champions universal values with an unmistakable and committed graffiti style. The CUPRA City Garages in Milan, Lisbon, and Berlin have already had the opportunity to host these works months ago. TVBOY's first solo exhibition in Madrid finally lands at CUPRA City Garage Madrid with works such as Santa Rosalía, Súper Alexia, Davinccy & Mona Lisa, and Im-possible, among others. The official presentation took place on June 5th at the City Garage. The exhibition will be open until June 29th.

Serielizados Presents: El Caso Asunta

In this new edition of Serielizados Presents, "El Caso Asunta" arrives, a drama that meticulously maintains appearances to stay true to the case that shocked an entire country and still sends shivers down our spines. We will have the opportunity to talk with Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, creators of this incredible docuseries, as well as the renowned actress Alicia Borrachero, who plays Belén Hospido.

CCG Music Session: Jimena Amarillo

Jimena Amarillo bursts onto the pop scene with force, quickly establishing herself as one of the most promising voices in the current musical landscape. The Valencian artist, with her unique style and authenticity, has almost unwittingly become a reference for the LGTBIQ+ community. Her music, full of emotion and sincerity, has deeply resonated with her followers. This month, Jimena will exclusively present her new single "Sueño," promising to surprise and captivate her growing legion of fans once again.

Beatmaking Contest: Sampler Chef

The first live tournament among the Sampler Chef producer community will take place at our City Garage. Ten of the best producers on the national music scene will compete using the same sample, tempo, and tools, challenging their creativity and technical skills. Among the competitors are standout talents such as One Path and White as Chocolate, who will face off in an unprecedented musical battle. The jury, composed of renowned figures like Deva and Slatin, will evaluate each performance to determine the winner.

The Rebel Training Powered by: Urban Sports Club

The digital platform Urban Sports Club, which brings together the best sports centers in the city and the latest fitness trends, arrives at the City Garage with a workout that will get you in shape for the summer. On June 22nd, prepare for a unique and challenging training session designed for all fitness levels. This special event will include a combination of high-intensity exercises, functional training, and wellness activities, all guided by expert trainers.

In Conversation with: Pablo Erroz

On June 24th, the CUPRA City Garage will host one of the most promising national designers of the moment, Pablo Erroz. Known for his timeless creations and innovative approach to fashion, Erroz has stood out in the industry for his commitment to sustainable production and craftsmanship. During this exclusive talk, the designer will share details about his creative process, the inspiration behind his collections, and his vision for the future of fashion.

Business Opportunities in e-Sports by Emprendedores

On June 25th, the CUPRA City Garage will be the stage for a fascinating discussion on business opportunities in e-Sports, organized by the magazine Emprendedores. At this event, founders of renowned teams like Giantx and Mad Lions, along with leaders of major e-Sports competitions, will gather to analyze the business potential of this dynamic sector. Experts will share their experiences and insights on how to build and manage successful teams, strategies to attract investments and sponsors, and emerging trends shaping the future of e-Sports.

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