CUPRA DarkRebel showcar

An interior that boosts your emotions

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  • The interior of the CUPRA DarkRebel showcar is pure provocation, questioning the way cars will be imagined and created in the future
  • Lighting becomes a key element, enhanced by three unique environments which adapt the interior and create an immersive experience
  • The CUPRA’s strategy focus on authenticity is reinforced with the use of parametric design and additive manufacturing

CUPRA has pushed countless boundaries with the CUPRA DarkRebel showcar. It embodies the passion for design of a brand that questions the way cars will be created in the future. The exterior is pure provocation, which is further magnified exponentially in an interior designed to boost emotions.

Light as a tangible material. Light is one of the most important aspects of the interior of the CUPRA DarkRebel showcar, as it conditions the design and gives personality to each of its parts. “We designed a fluid and continuous skin-like surface to create a perfect canvas for lighting effects, from the door projections to the immersive ambient light and the jewel-like transparent parts, cutting the boundaries between the physical and virtual world” explains Francesca Sangalli, head of Colour&Trim Concept&Strategy at CUPRA. Three original exponential environments have been developed that represent a core CUPRA reality: Square, Cube and Infinite. Embracing CUPRA's distinct mindset and digital DNA, the CUPRA DarkRebel redefines the automotive experience, seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds. By integrating a gamified experience, users are not just driving; they are engaging in an ongoing, immersive connection with the CUPRA Tribe. “They are controlled from the steering wheel and adapt the entire car: exterior, interior, lighting, sound and exclusive functions for each experience” says Jaume Sala, Head of UX/UI Design at CUPRA.

Connected with the driver. Once again in the interior, the central spine features prominently as an iconic element. In the CUPRA DarkRebel showcar, it goes from being a design element to a functional part that incorporates mobility. “It’s a completely new approach, as the Supersport bucket seats remain anchored while the central spine, steering wheel and pedal cluster can all move to adapt to the driver” says David Jofre, Head of Interior Design at CUPRA.

Focus on authenticity. This showcar reinforces CUPRA’s strategy of focusing on authenticity, using parametric design and additive manufacturing. “The Supersport bucket seats feature made-to-measure 3D knitted upholstery. Their colour switches between dark blue to a shimmering reflective magenta and violet, depending on the visual perspective and ambient lighting, again using light as a tangible element” Sangalli adds. The central spine is made of an aluminium and titanium alloy, also using 3D technology with additive manufacturing, taking CUPRA’s design appeal to the next level.

A holistic experience. The dialogue between digital and physical is one of the highlights in CUPRA’s evolution in the use of materials. “For the first time we have used crystal-clear transparent material on some parts such as the Supersport bucket seats or the shifter, with copper inserts, the brand’s flagship colour” explains CUPRA’s head of Colour&Trim Concept&Strategy. Once again, light is the key element in this transition. “Having conceived three exponential environments, the colours change, making the material light up and come to life, creating a magical holistic experience” concludes Sangalli.