CUPRA and Wilson® introduce the CUPRA Wilson LT Padel Racket, inspired by the brand’s all-electric UrbanRebel Racing Concept

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  • Designed by CUPRA and crafted by Wilson, the new CUPRA Wilson LT Padel Racket has a groundbreaking design that combines lightness and stability for total control
  • This new racket demonstrates CUPRA’s commitment to padel and its community

Demonstrating its continued commitment to padel, CUPRA has unveiled the CUPRA Wilson LT Racket, a result of brand’s collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. This is the third racket born from this alliance, designed 100% by CUPRA and crafted by Wilson, and underlines both brands’ shared ambition to empower the unconventional challengers in the world of sports.

The latest innovation is inspired by the rebel spirit of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Racing Concept, a radical interpretation of the brand’s urban electric car. Integrating elements from the world of video games, this competition-focused prototype combines pure electrification, sustainability and performance, with the striking aesthetics that characterize the virtual world.

The CUPRA Wilson LT Padel Racket embodies the fearless character of a new generation of players seeking unrivaled performance on the court. The groundbreaking racket stands out with its colours reminiscent of the car and features a distinctive iridescent finish, a first-of-its-kind design element in padel rackets, exclusively designed by CUPRA.

“Padel is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide and has always been fueled by a community of passionate individuals, game-changers and rebels. The CUPRA Wilson LT Padel Racket not only represents our values, it embodies the spirit of the padel community,” said Ignasi Prieto, Global Marketing Director of CUPRA.

Designed to provide a perfect balance between stability and lightness, the CUPRA Wilson Pro Staff LT Padel Racket offers total control due to Wilson’s craftmanship, promising an unparalleled agility and precision. “The Impulse of a New Generation” adorns the strap of the revolutionary racket, symbolizing the driving force behind this collaboration.

After having launched the Wilson Bela CUPRA v1 and v2 padel rackets, it’s an honour for Wilson to extend this partnership with a new padel racket in collaboration with one of the leading brands working for padel’s growth worldwide. The CUPRA Wilson LT Racket caters to a wide cross section of players, from transitioning juniors to older players and offers a specialized hole pattern with a round shape for optimal control,” explained the Global Business Director of Wilson Padel, Iñaki Cabrera.

Since entering the world of padel in 2019 by becoming the premium sponsor of all official competitions of the World Padel Tour (WPT), the main sponsor for the International Padel Federation (IPF), and the Premier Padel, CUPRA has continuously strengthened its bond with the sport, driving its expansion and nurturing its thriving community.

CUPRA’s dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, offering players an opportunity to embrace change and redefine their game, is reflected in the large group of padel professionals that are part of the CUPRA Tribe. The extensive list includes players such as Alejandro Galán, Paula Josemaría, Federico Chingotto, Juan Tello, Ariana Sánchez and Fernando Belasteguín.

The CUPRA Wilson LT Padel Racket is now available to order at CUPRA’s website,, and CUPRA City Garages at a cost of 290€.

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