Building a global brand

CUPRA has become one of Europe’s fastest growing automotive brands in just five years – its ambitious plan is to expand its presence worldwide and become one of Spain’s truly global brands.

The challenger brand continues to achieve new heights and boosts the global deliveries of SEAT S.A. Since its creation in 2018, almost 530,000 cars have been sold. CUPRA’s turnover has grown from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 4.3 billion euros in 2022.​ The ambition of CUPRA is to sell 500,000 cars per year in midterm.

CUPRA's top three markets are Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Followed by France and Italy. Outside of Europe, CUPRA's global growth has been reinforced in 2023 with the start of operations in countries such as Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, and Australia is already one of the brand's top 15 global markets, with more than 5,000 cars delivered in less than two years on the market.


Since starting operations six years ago, CUPRA has stood out for its unconventional way of doing things, and the CUPRA City Garages have become key elements in the brand’s strategy.

With the City Garages, CUPRA wants to connect with the cities and their culture, hosting events and exhibitions as well as contributing to developing new local talents and collaborations.

These new spaces, located in exclusive and iconic hotspots of top cities worldwide, allow the brand to offer an unconventional and unique customer experience, putting people at the centre of its distribution strategy.

CUPRA’s international network of City Garages aim to establish meaningful connections with some of the world’s more important urban landscapes and their rich cultures. These spaces host a diverse array of events and exhibitions, fostering the growth of local talent collaborations.

The innovative spaces enable the brand to provide an unparalleled and distinctive customer experience, with a strong emphasis on placing people at the forefront of its distribution strategy.

In 2022, CUPRA’s ambitious expansion took on new momentum with new City Garages in Lisbon, Rotterdam, and Sydney. By heading to Australia, the first major step in the globalization was done. Australia is already exceeding expectations and will be a strategic global market for the expansion in Asia Pacific and beyond. Currently CUPRA is analysing the entry into the North American market.

CUPRA now has City Garages in Mexico, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Sydney, Berlin, Paris and Madrid with plans to expand to Manchester, Vienna and Istanbul in 2024.

It is beyond doubt that the growth of the CUPRA Tribe across the globe is unstoppable, as a new generation of drivers connect with the brand’s unique approach that puts emotion at the heart of electrification and performance. The journey has just begun and CUPRA will be taken to more global markets and by 2030 the vision is to be one of the Top 100 Best Global Brands ​.


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