CASA SEAT celebrates April with literature and music

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  • Presenter, actor, comedian and judge of Britain’s Got Talent David Walliams will sign copies of his books on St George’s Day
  • On the 25th there will be a session of fit pilates coached by the pilates instructor and content creator Cocó Constans
  • Comedians La Prados and Fred Ricamas star in a new edition of the CASA SEAT Comedy stand-up series on the 26th
  • Indie pop-rock band The Crab Apples will offer a preview of their new EP at CASA SEAT on the 27th

CASA SEAT opens the month of April with events centred around Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day), literature and music as the highlights of a cultural agenda that features the participation of national and international personalities such as David Walliams or The Crab Apples, among others. There will also be stand-up comedy and a fit pilates event held by Cocó Constans.

The month’s programming begins on the 9th with journalist Pedro Vallín and philosopher and essayist Javier Gomá, who are presenting their new book, Verdades penúltimas (Penultimate Truths), for the first time in Spain. At the meeting, the authors will be discussing the book and sharing their views on the current state of the world.

On the 11th, Spanish former motorcycle racer Dani Amatriaín will visit CASA SEAT to present his biography Mi vida de 300 a 0 km por hora (My life from 300 to 0 km per hour). Journalist Josep Lluís Merlos is hosting the event, which will also be attended by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet. Both will talk with Amatriaín about his professional career and personal development and the importance of slowing down, rebuilding and finding meaning beyond a fast paced life.

Also on the 11th, CASA SEAT is the venue for the day’s scheduled event of the 8th edition of the NUDO poetry festival with the premiere of “Jardín”, a show featuring Alejandro Simón Partal reciting poetry accompanied on the piano by Alejandro Pelayo, a member of Marlango. The poetic and musical recital will offer an experience somewhere between mystical ritual and pagan ceremony where the garden is a symbol of hope.

The latest session of the “Literary Cafés” series is taking place on the 12th, where writer and literary critic Jorge Carrión will talk to the authors Montse Bizarro and Mariantuá about their first novels. On the one hand, Montse Bizarro will talk in depth about Mañana ya no hablaremos de nada, a work that immerses the reader in a vibrant Barcelona where the characters struggle to maintain their friendship in a world full of challenges. In turn, Mariantuá Correa will give insights into Ciudad Láser, a novel in which she uses mystery to give thought to the condition of those who have disappeared in society.

Creativity will be the central theme on the 15th at the meeting Diàlegs UPCArts: Creativity in times of ChatGPT. Moderated by UPCArts director Carme Fenoll, the session will focus on AI, its evolution and the risks and opportunities that these tools can bring to creative work.

Within the framework of the BCN Film Fest, the Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival, CASA SEAT will be hosting various workshops related to literature and film. On the 19th there will be a meeting of award-winning authors moderated by journalist and communicator Roger de Gràcia, with the participation of Ramón Gener, author of Història d’un piano, winner of the Ramon Llull Award; Jordi Puntí, author of Confeti, winner of the Sant Jordi Award; and Jaume Clotet, author of La Germandat de l’Àngel Caigut, winner of the Josep Pla Award. On the 22nd there will be a recording of the programme Marea Nocturna, the podcast dedicated to Spanish-language fantasy and genre films; and on the 24th there will be a day of discussion with scriptwriters and producers. 

David Walliams and special decoration for Saint George’s Day

On the occasion of the Day of Books and Roses, CASA SEAT will display special decorations from 15 to 30 April. The three floors of the building open to the public will feature a new image inspired by the slogan “Barcelona, city of dragons” and an interpretation of the legend of the dragon slayed by St George, with no shortage of roses and books. 

On the 20th, the CASA SEAT auditorium will be the setting for the show “No letters, no love”, a performative reading of letters by writers such as Virginia Woolf, Violeta Parra, Gustave Flaubert, Roberto Bolaño and Gabriele d’Annunzio. With this piece created and performed by Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi, from the company La Soledad, the creators seek to celebrate literature and love in the days leading up to Sant Jordi through the dramatic reading of love letters.

On the 23rd, as the main event to celebrate the day, CASA SEAT will be hosting a book signing by David Walliams. Among his many facets as a presenter, actor, comedian and judge on Britain’s Got Talent, Walliams has become one of today’s most influential writers of children’s books. The author of works such as Gangsta Granny, The World’s Worst Teachers and Ratburger has sold more than 56 million copies worldwide and his books have been translated into more than 55 languages.

New music with Elena Escorcia and The Crab Apples

On the 20th, Mallorcan singer Elena Escorcia will perform live in the auditorium to present her first work, 42ND STR€€T, an EP that includes four songs and whose name refers to Broadway’s most emblematic street and size 42, a title through which she seeks to launch a message to empower her followers. The artist achieved fame in 2023 as a participant in the second season of the TV3 singing competition Eufòria.

On the 27th, indie pop-rock band The Crab Apples is giving a sneak preview of their new EP, which is set for release at the beginning of May. Its members, Carla Gimeno, Laia Alsina and Laia Martí, together with Carlota Flâneur and Marc Ferrer from the music podcast L’Esmorzar, will explain the creative process behind this work. They will also be performing some of their songs live in acoustic format.

Sport and comedy return to CASA SEAT

On the 25th, a fit pilates session will be held by Pilates instructor and content creator Cocó Constans, better known as “ffitcoco”. Trained in Pilates and Hypopressives techniques, she created what she calls “ffitpilates”, a method aimed at connecting with oneself. In her classes, she works through various exercise blocks targeting different muscle groups to achieve strength, endurance, and flexibility, where breathing and concentration play a crucial role. Afterwards, attendees can enjoy an afterwork event with healthy snacks, along with a DJ session.

Humour also returns to the space with a new edition of the CASA SEAT Comedy stand-up series on the 26th. On this occasion, Violeta, better known as La Prados, will be on stage to deliver her comedy routine. The illustrator, comedian and scriptwriter from Granada, who lives in Barcelona, became famous with her thought-provoking publications and illustrations on social media, through which she shows her way of understanding society today. 

Meetings on health and wellbeing during SEAT Healthy Week

Again this year, SEAT S.A. is organising Healthy Week, featuring different activities dealing with health, safety and wellbeing. As a sign of the company’s commitment to the health of all citizens, part of the programme will be open to the general public and will be held in the CASA SEAT auditorium. With this in mind, on 22 April the space will host three different sessions on adequate, healthy rest and diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. 

The first meeting of the day will feature Dr. Antoni Esteve, founder of the AdSalutem University Institute, who will focus on the correlation between healthy rest and brain health. The second meeting will be dedicated to providing information on the latest advances in the detection and treatment of cancer, led by Dr. Álvaro Urbano, professor of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Barcelona and director of the CART programme at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. Finally, the third meeting will feature the participation of Dr. Raquel Sánchez-Valle, head of the Neurology Department of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, who will elaborate on the biomarkers that can facilitate the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the possible treatments that can be applied to slow down the progression of this disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

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