Your virtual co-driver

“Alexa, do I need an umbrella?”

Martorell,  29 September 2017

  • Checking the weather forecast, ordering your shopping or turning off the lights at home from the car are just some of the functions of the new voice activated service Amazon Alexa
  • User interaction with these voice terminals is a trend of the future

Fewer buttons and more speaking. This trend in mobile technology is also making its way into cars. With voice activated services such as the Amazon Alexa, having a conversation with your vehicle is no longer science fiction. “Your car will recognise and greet you, it will know your preferences and guide you to your favourite destinations and restaurants”, assures Leyre Olavarria, who is responsible for Infotainment and Connected Car at SEAT. We ride along with her in her everyday activities to find out how it works.

-“Good morning Alexa, do I need an umbrella?”: This is the beginning of the exchange between Leyre Olavarria and her new virtual co-driver when she settles into her car. Before heading out, Alexa gives her the weather forecast and confirms it is going to rain. This is one of the more than 20,000 functions available to the driver.

-Staying on track at the wheel: As she sets off, Leyre organises her day in a safe manner: Your life doesn’t come to a halt when you’re driving. I ask Alexa to manage my schedule, look for articles to prepare my next meeting or read me the latest news”.

-Your whole house at the press of a button: In addition to keeping you informed or speeding up a search request, the voice service can also remotely control a house that is controlled by a home automation system. “You can set the thermostat or check whether you’ve left the lights on. When synchronised with other elements in the home, it will even be able to detect if your pet’s food dispenser has to be filled”, adds Olavarria.

-The most forward looking co-driver:  As it is fully integrated in the car, Alexa informs you about the best driving route or controls the navigator to find and guide you, for example, to the nearest filling station, parking facility or restaurant.

-Your wishes are her command: Simply press a button on the steering wheel and say ‘Alexa’. That’s how easy it is to begin processing any order from inside your car.  “I can order a bouquet of flowers after receiving an alert to remind me that it’s my mother’s birthday, or order a pizza for supper before arriving home”, explains the expert.

-Committed to connectivity: With Amazon Alexa, SEAT becomes the first brand in the automotive industry to integrate this voice activated service in Europe. It will be featured on the Leon and Ateca models by the end of this year, and on the Ibiza, Arona and SEAT’s large SUV in 2018. 


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