Tips for making your holiday a perfect 10

Martorell, 13 July 2020

With the arrival of summer, the holidays are also approaching. Rushing through last-minute preparations, packing suitcases, the children... sometimes getting ready for the most relaxing time of the year means going through a bit of stress. So to make it easier, below are five stories with tips to make your holiday a perfect 10.

Tetris in the boot. Before setting off it is essential to load the boot correctly. For this, the Marie Kondo method is a good organisational system for keeping a cool head. Making lists, classifying the contents of the suitcases and taking advantage of the space inside the car are some of the tips for getting ready for a great holiday. Discover more here.

Travelling with children. Travelling with children is always more fun (and tiring), so it’s important to make sure there’s nothing to worry about in terms of safety. From correctly installing the child seat and harness to where to seat them, everything counts when it comes to creating a safe and enjoyable environment. Read all the tips here.

Careful with the air conditioning. With the heat of summer, the car’s air conditioning is certainly a retreat from the high temperatures. Even so, this need for cool air often leads to errors when regulating the air conditioning. Not ventilating the car before turning on the air, incorrectly aiming the vents or neglecting maintenance are the most common mistakes. To avoid making them, the new SEAT Leon features a customised three-zone air conditioning system for its occupants. Discover all the mistakes here and read this story for more information on the 3-zone Climatronic system of the new SEAT Leon.

The best (edible) fuel for the driver. Just as the car needs adequate fuel for its proper functioning, the driver must also ensure proper nutrition and hydration to get through the journey without drowsiness, fatigue, nervousness or an upset stomach. Driving requires an energy consumption of between 1,000 and 1,300 kilocalories. Therefore, what foods and drinks are most recommended when you get behind the wheel? More information here.

Clothing, sitting position and mindset. To make the trip a relaxing, enjoyable experience, there are some habits to avoid. Some of these include driving with flip-flops and swimwear, driving shirtless, having too many passenges in the car or leaning your elbow out the window. Discover the rest here.

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