International Day of Persons with Disabilities

“From day one I decided to keep going forward”

Martorell,  30 November 2017

  • In March of 2016, Cristina Sales suffered a spinal cord injury that prevents her from walking
  • After getting a special driving licence for people with disabilities, she uses her car every day
  • At the Institut Guttmann, patients practice getting in and out of a car with a SEAT Leon donated by the company

Now she gets around by car on a daily basis. “Being able to drive is essential to me, and nowadays I couldn’t get by without a car. It’s my life and it gives me freedom, because I can go wherever I want whenever I want, which is really important”, she says while sitting at the wheel of an adapted SEAT Leon. Driving every day has helped her master the technique, although at times she still needs some help, especially when loading her chair.

“It isn’t always an easy task”, she admits, and she often “misses being able to walk”. But despite the tough times and having to undergo a difficult process, “the most important thing is coming to terms with the limitations of your body”, claims Cristina. In this sense, the people around her play a key role. Besides giving her their unconditional support, she assures that her friends and family members have never made her feel as if she has a disability.

As part of her daily routine, Cristina continues with her rehabilitation. “I have to be in good physical shape, do sports nearly every day and never take a break from my recovery process. I’ve improved a lot and I’m becoming more and more self-reliant”, says Cristina. Her commitment and determination are two of the traits most admired by Monica, one of the physiotherapists at the Step by Step Foundation in Barcelona where Cristina is being treated. “What surprised me the most when I met her is that she doesn’t limit herself”, highlights the specialist.

With this attitude she is eager to make the most out of her new life, which is “different than before, but still normal”, Cristina points out. And it is precisely now, in this new stage, when a dream of hers is going to come true: “One of my first concerns when I found out about my injury was whether I could ever be a mother”, she explains. Today she’s pregnant and is expecting a daughter, who “will be the most loved and cherished baby in the world”. Once again, Cristina proves that her injury won’t deter her from following through with anything she sets her mind to.

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