CUPRA Formentor: “we transformed nature into colour”

Martorell, 17 September 2020

  • The CUPRA Formentor features an exclusive three-colour, nature-inspired palette: Petrol Blue Matt, Magnetic Tech Matt and Graphene Grey
  • The process of designing the colour palette of the brand’s first CUV took three years and over 800 different formulations were made
  • The CUPRA Formentor can now be reserved and the first units will be seen on streets all over the world this coming autumn

28 grams of pearl blue, 25.2 of black, 9.2 of Crystal Silver, 1.5 of white, 0.6 of violet, a little bit of shine and aluminium... Behind these quantities there are more than three years of work, countless trials and at the end, a name: Petrol Blue. From the very moment the CUPRA designers began to draw the initial sketches of the Formentor, the Color&Trim team started to work on the colours that would be used on the brand’s first model. Several elements define the spirit of a car like the CUPRA Formentor: sophistication, innovation, captivating exterior design ... and its three exclusive colours. Each one with a story behind it; its reason for being.

- DNA-coded colours. To create the CUPRA Formentor colour palette, the first thing the Color&Trim design team did, led by Francesca Sangalli, was to explore the essence of the brand, its DNA. This is the brand’s first model and the foundations of its spirit had to be laid: contemporary design, sporty performance and unique style... “Colours are very important to identify the character of a brand. Each colour has its own personality, expresses a different attitude, and those we created for the first CUPRA model reflect a genuine identity”, says Francesca Sangalli, head of Color&Trim Concept&Strategy.

- Inspired by nature. Ideas for designing a new colour that is clearly identified with values can come from many sources of inspiration. On this occasion, with its textures, moods and shapes, nature was the muse to unleash creativity turned into colour. “A lot of inspiration comes from nature and the elements that make it up. We have recreated the colour of minerals, of stones, of the Earth, even of the environment around us”, says Sangalli.

- The elegance of matt tones. Each colour was designed by mixing pigments and other materials, such as aluminium or mica, to achieve the desired effect. In this way, more or less metallic, pearly and matt finishes are achieved, which in the case of Formentor are the exclusive Petrol Blue Matt, Magnetic Tech Matt and Graphene Grey. Creating a mixture with one milligram more or less of white or introducing more or less gloss makes a colour completely different. “We made so many hues of the same shade to get Magnetic Tech Matt that it was sometimes difficult to tell them apart, but we wanted that surface to look like stone. In the end we managed to do this by introducing large metallic particles that give it the rough appearance of stones. We transformed nature into colour”, concludes Francesca.

- CUV essence. In addition to creating a new colour code for CUPRA, it was also key to give this model a special character. “It’s very important to work on the effect you want to give the colour. The CUPRA Formentor is a car with plenty of surface volume and tension lines. This means that different colours are perceived depending on how light shines on it. These colours are alive” says Jordi Font, head of Development at Color&Trim. The exterior and interior are in harmony, with combinations and details expressed in Copper. The complete colour palette of the new CUPRA Formentor features six more colours: Desire Red, Dark Camouflage, Midnight Black, Urban Silver, Magnetic Tech and Nevada White.

Three colours, three inspirations for Francesca

Petrol Blue Matt – This is the identifying colour of CUPRA. It represents the brand’s sporty yet sophisticated DNA. Its matt finish adds intense, technical character to the colour.

Magnetic Tech Matt – We wanted its surface to be like stone. It has metallic particles that give it a rugged appearance. This is nature at its best.

Graphene Grey – To put it simply, it is like a single layer of carbon atoms. We wanted to give it a flat yet bold character at the same time.

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