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A choreography with 2,000 robots

Martorell, 10 May 2018

  • 2,000 robots move in perfect unison for 24 hours on end in the sheet metal workshop in Martorell
  • Welding, bolting, coating parts with adhesives or detecting deviations of up to 2 tenths of a millimetre are a few of their functions
  • Some stand up to six metres tall and can handle 700 kg of weight
  • They coordinate with 1,700 employees to build one car body every 68 seconds

-720° pirouettes to perform up to 16,000 spot welds: Most of the robots have six axes, a characteristic that enables them to perform countless combinations of movements, including vertically, horizontally on rails and rotating up to 720°. When they start to dance, each robot can make up to 16,000 spot welds every day on the bodies of future cars.

-The orchestra conductors coordinate their moves: A team of 390 people keeps an eye on the needs of the facilities and ensures the correct operation of the robots. From the control room they monitor in real-time the conditions of the installations and their coordination with the rest of the workers.

-Precise down to two-tenths of a millimetre: Guided by this choreographed routine of the fourth industrial revolution, the robots not only relieve their flesh and blood colleagues of all the repetitive work and heavy lifting, but they perform increasingly more sophisticated functions as well. They transfer parts from one location to another during production and are also able to weld them, bolt them, apply adhesives or measure possible deviations of up to two-tenths of a millimetre with their measuring sensors before the models reach the trim line.

-In unison with the factory workers: To complete the Industry 4.0 choreography, the dancing robots join the efforts of the employees, and final verifications are always carried out by the factory workers. People and machines together are able to put together one car body every 68 seconds.

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