World book day

How many books fit in the boot of a car?

Martorell, 23 April 2015

  • SEAT placed the car inside a library to orchestrate this challenge
  • In total, 1,168 books fit in the 1,470 litres boot capacity of the Leon X-PERIENCE  with the rear seats folded

This initiative was the brainchild of one of the company’s employees, Esther González, in order to encourage reading. Esther works in one of the Martorell workshops and her great passion is literature. With the help of a group of colleagues and surrounded by well-stocked bookshelves, they managed to fill the boot with a total of 1,168 medium-sized books. “The only thing left to do now is to read them”, said Esther when the challenge was over. 

The new Leon X-PERIENCE features a very spacious luggage compartment. Its capacity is 587 litres when travelling with passengers, and extends to 1,470 litres with the rear seatbacks folded. 

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