Water sports: this is how you should load your car

Summer is here and it’s time for water activities, which often require specific equipment that must be safely loaded into your car

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How many golf balls can fit in the trunk of a SEAT Tarraco?

If a golf ball is 4.27 centimeters in diameter and has a volume of 40.679 cm3, and the trunk of a five-seater SEAT Tarraco has a capacity of 760 liters, how many golf balls will fit in? Stay tuned...


A 3D printing centre in a car factory

SEAT’s 3D lab prints three-dimensional parts for all phases of a vehicle’s development and production process

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Four generations roaring at the same time

The 4 generations of the SEAT Leon tell a story of innovation that spans more than 20 years

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“The real heroes are in the hospitals; we just did what we do best"

Yesterday SEAT received an award from the newspaper La Razón for the manufacture of emergency ventilators

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Road trip tips for a unique summer experience

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SEAT’s first electric car, for the Olympic Games

In the week of the 28th anniversary of the Barcelona ‘92 ​​Olympic Games, we recall one of the technological milestones of the moment, the first electric car manufactured by SEAT, the SEAT Toledo Olimpic. It was created exclusively to open the marathon, so it had just 65 km of autonomy based on 500 kg batteries. A curiosity: it could be plugged into the power thanks to a charger hidden in the front grille. Find out more…

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The CUPRA Formentor is incredibly agile for a car of its size. A lot of work has been done on programming all the vehicle’s electronics, including the driving aids, with a result that enhances the sportiness which was always the aim in the first place
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Tips for making your holiday a perfect 10

With the arrival of summer, the holidays are also approaching. Rushing through last-minute preparations, packing suitcases, the children... sometimes getting ready for the most relaxing time of the year means going through a bit of stress. So to make it easier, below are five stories with tips to make your holiday a perfect 10.

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Speakers' corner

The new Leon is the best interior project we've done at SEAT David Jofré, car interior designer at SEAT
The real heroes are in the hospitals; we just did what we do best David García, head of Maintenance at SEAT Martorell
The Leon put SEAT on the global automotive map Isidre López. Director of the SEAT Historic Car Collection
The game rules have changed completely in talent acquisition Oliwia Puppel, Head of Talent Acquisition at SEAT

New Leon


Four generations roaring at the same time

The 4 generations of the SEAT Leon tell a story of innovation that spans more than 20 years

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At the wheel of a Leon without leaving home

A 360º video shows the interior of the new SEAT Leon

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The Leon sets out for the first time

The new Leon makes its first journey with a fresh design both on the outside and in the passenger compartment, which gives it greater presence and character

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It's all about the technology

The new Leon is the most technologically advanced model ever created by SEAT

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The Formentor, seen for the first time in 360º

The details of the CUPRA plug-in hybrid Formentor revealed from every angle, both inside and out

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This is how the new CUPRA e-Racer gears up to compete

The CUPRA e-Racer renews its design with more power and zero emissions

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The wind temple

The wind tunnel is an essential facility in the development of new models

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Two race drivers for the CUPRA Formentor

Racers Mattias Ekström and Jordi Gené work together with CUPRA engineers in the final phase of development of the Formentor

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70th Anniversary


70 years in contrast

In these past 70 years, SEAT has evolved with the passing of time, and the change becomes visible in the following selection of images.

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SEAT: 70 years in figures

SEAT: 70 years in figures

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Seven initiatives pioneered by SEAT

In its 70-year history, SEAT has been a benchmark in applying the latest technology to its vehicles, but also in logistics, sustainability and the well-being of its nearly 15,000 employees

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The automotive talent pool

SEAT has been training professionals at its Apprentice School for more than 60 years

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Detailed look at the electric car from the inside

Electric cars are becoming more popular on our streets, but how they work continues to raise questions

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6 reasons for driving an electric car

In addition to sustainability and the environment, saving time and money are the main advantages

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Two-wheeling with SEAT

The challenge for SEAT exterior designers when creating the e-Scooter concept was crossing over into the world of two wheels

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Ekström, harnessing kilowatt hours of power

CUPRA ambassador and e-Racer official driver Mattias Ekström takes it for its first road test on the Montmeló Circuit

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This is how you explore the future

SEAT and Xplora are looking for innovative solutions in one of the world's biggest technology hubs

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The car that communicates with traffic lights

A project sponsored by SEAT, the Spanish Traffic Authority (DGT), the Barcelona City Council and ETRA (Electronic Trafic) connects vehicles with traffic lights and information panels via the DGT 3.0 platform

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Oak trees, creeks and the Internet of Things

The IoT (Internet of Things) and the connected car reach rural areas thanks to a drone and offer predictive information to drivers in areas of poor visibility or that are difficult to access

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Driving with a sixth sense

5G connectivity gives drivers predictive information for faster, better decision making

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Hot chocolate and ice skating: enjoy the benefits of CNG on your Christmas holiday roadtrip

A 2,611 kilometre road trip through four European countries in a cost-saving, compressed natural gas Arona TGI

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Holiday in Tuscany for 15 euros

A 360 km road trip through Tuscany in a natural gas powered car for only 14.96 euros on fuel

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Earth, air, water and fire: the elements of a sustainable factory

SEAT has reduced its environmental impact by 34% since 2010 and aims to achieve 50% by 2025

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From the recycling bin to your fuel tank

A project promoted by SEAT turns organic waste into biofuel

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