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“Colours are key to identifying the character of a brand and its products”

Martorell, 12 November 2020

When designing a car, inspiration is essential to define what you want to convey, and above all, how to do it. But where does inspiration come from? How do you go from an idea to a product, with its textures, colours and details? Francesca Sangalli, head of Colour&Trim at SEAT, explains the process.

Where does inspiration come from in a car design?

Inspiration is everywhere; for example there’s plenty in Barcelona: in shops, museums and on the street. We take this inspiration, full of contrasts, of colours, and we transform it into a product. But to do this, we first need to create what we call “moodboards”.

What are moodboards?

It is a visual tool that serves to create an environment with which designers can work. We usually combine images, which are much stronger than words, with the shapes, touch, textures, colours and details that we want for the product. This selection is very important because it somehow helps us to physically frame the meaning of the car we want to create and to define its DNA within the brand.

What role does colour play in design?

Colours are key to identifying the character of a brand and its products. Each colour has its own character, which expresses a different personality within the same brand identity. Much of the inspiration for CUPRA’s colours comes from nature and its elements. For example, within the bold, technological identity of CUPRA, on the one hand there’s Magnetic Tech Matt, which has this “techy” shade, a hardness combined with sweetness in a way. And on the other hand, there’s also Nevada White, which conveys a technical, progressive feeling, with light tones full of character and an icy feel. In this sense, the flatter and more daring or matt and deep finishes also play a fundamental role.

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