Driving the transformation towards electrification

Driving the transformation towards electrification

  • SEAT S.A. speeds up to turn the Martorell plant into an electric vehicle production centre of the Volkswagen Group
  • The Vice-Presidents of the three areas most directly involved in the transformation explain how they are working to ensure the success of electrification
  • In addition to the 3 billion euros the company is investing, the drive of every single person at SEAT S.A. is key to the transition

SEAT S.A. is going full throttle in its transformation and is moving full speed ahead towards the electrification of Martorell. If 30 years ago the company built the Martorell plant to start a new era, now it’s ushering in the second one, by investing 3 billion euros with a very clear goal: to turn it into one of the Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicle production hubs for the Small BEV family and a key player in Spain’s electric vehicle value chain.

According to the responsibles of the three areas most directly involved in this transformation, Laura Carnicero, SEAT S.A. Vice-President for People and Organization; Dr. Werner Tietz, Vice-President for R&D; and Markus Haupt, Vice-President for Production and Logistics, this is the biggest opportunity for the future. As a major technological leap at all levels, it involves several challenges, but they can count on the impulse of each and every one of the over 14,000 people who are part of the company, determined to make electrification a reality.


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