SEAT Components transforms towards electric vehicles with five new projects

SEAT Components transforms towards electric vehicles with five new projects

  • Production at the El Prat factory of new Small BEV components is planned to start in 2025
  • Transformation is a sign of SEAT S.A.'s commitment to seek solutions and maintain jobs during the transition to electromobility

SEAT S.A. will transform the El Prat de Llobregat plant towards electric vehicles with five new projects to produce components for the Small BEV family, is planned to start in 2025.

SEAT Components will produce five components (differential, pivot bearing, battery E-Box, KMM – a battery cooling module - and the aluminium for the engine of the electric car), which represents a major boost in the reconversion of this centre towards the production of electric vehicle components. 

SEAT Components transforms towards electric vehicles with five new projects

With this reconversion plan for El Prat, SEAT S.A. is taking another step forward in its ambition to turn Spain into a European hub for electric mobility, and in its own transformation to become a benchmark in the automotive and industrial sector. To reach this goal the company plans to invest millions of euros in the factory.

Markus Haupt, Vice-President for Production and Logistics at SEAT S.A., emphasised that "The award of new components reaffirms the commitment of SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group to employment stability and the search for alternatives that ensure the future of SEAT Components, as part of the transformation process in which all the Group's component plants are immersed. The collaboration of the workers and their union representatives is key to the success of this process.”

Currently, around 900 people work in production at SEAT Components. They produce two manual gearboxes, MQ200 and MQ281, for combustion engine cars. The production of electric cars will mean the progressive reduction of these gearboxes and the opportunity to take advantage of its highly skilled workforce and levels of efficiency and productivity of the plant. This will impulse the development and improvement of new processes to produce components for electric vehicles.

SEAT Components is one of the company's three production centres, together with Martorell and Barcelona, and one of the Volkswagen Group's nine dedicated transmission manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Founded in 1979, SEAT Components has been recognised on several occasions for its efficiency and the high quality of its production processes. In 2016, the plant received the Industrial Excellence Award in recognition of its lean management strategy, recognising it as a benchmark in terms of productivity and quality.

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