SEAT S.A. to build a battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

SEAT S.A. to build a battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

  • Additional 300-million-euro investment for the project submitted to the new Battery PERTE VEC

Official statements from SEAT S.A. President Wayne Griffiths regarding the application to the new Battery PERTE VEC

“Today is a very important day, because we are taking another step forward in our electrification plan.”

“SEAT S.A. has applied to the new Battery PERTE VEC, with a project to build a battery cell assembly plant right here in Martorell.”

“This project will ensure more than 400 direct jobs and more than 100 indirect jobs.”

“We are going to invest an additional 300 million euros to build this facility, which will also be used to assemble the cells that PowerCo will manufacture at the gigafactory in Sagunto, Valencia.”

“The plant will cover an area of 64,000 square metres, equivalent to about nine football pitches.”

“And it will be connected to our Workshop 10, where we will manufacture some of the Volkswagen Group's electric cars, including the CUPRA Raval. This will help us optimise logistical processes and reduce our carbon footprint.”

“Construction will begin in the coming weeks and is scheduled for completion in 2025. 

This facility is fundamental for our company and will also provide the impulse to obtain a second platform in Martorell.”

SEAT S.A. to build a battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

“This is a key moment for our industry. SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group are committing major resources to achieving sustainable mobility. And to continue advancing our ambition to turn Spain into a hub for electric mobility in Europe.”

“Spanish and European institutions must also be convinced and get on board. As in other countries, a legal framework must be created to ensure investment in the sector and boost competitiveness.”

“Public-private collaboration is essential to accelerate this transformation, and in Spain some steps have already been taken in the right direction.”

“For instance, the government's measure to provide a 15% personal income tax deduction for the purchase of electric vehicles, an initiative that needs to go hand in hand with more investment to expand the charging point infrastructure.”

“Another fine example is the Future: Fast Forward project, which we announced a few months ago.” 

SEAT S.A. to build a battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

“We are investing 10 billion euros, the largest industrial investment in the history of Spain, to electrify the automotive industry, create thousands of jobs and maintain the country’s competitiveness.”

“I want to thank all the people who are working to make this possible: public administrations, trade unions and our employees and partners.”

“Because, together, we are putting Spain on electric wheels.”

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