SEAT Design Center

The SEAT Design Center (SDC) is a very special facility within SEAT’s Martorell industrial complex. Officially opened in October 2007, the 5,600 square metre premises –located within the SEAT Technical Center– is arguably one of the most modern and functional design centres in the world, and is certainly unique in its class in Spain. Created by and for designers, this facility brings the entire design process together under one roof, enabling the company to fully harness synergies in the fields of Research and Development (R&D) to give design, one of the defining features of the Spanish car manufacturer’s models, greater impetus.

This innovation centre is fully equipped with state-of-the art technology to further the creative process, from the initial sketch to the physical construction of the first prototypes. Created and constructed around the creative processes within, the building first and foremost fulfils two basic requirements - functionality and privacy. Thanks to its system of typically Mediterranean latticework, the building is endowed with abundant light, providing unbeatable working conditions as well as reducing energy consumption. At the same time it is totally opaque from the outside, meaning that the shape of any new car may be seen only by its creators until officially unveiled.

SEAT’s own Design team played a major role in creating this facility, passing on requirements to the architects and engineers in charge of construction. The building structure itself had to be as special as the work being carried out within it.

The two floors are therefore distributed into four large areas housing diverse facilities and activities:

•    Ideas Area (design): interior and exterior design, colour & trim, CAD and Design Engineering.
•    Creation Area (construction): interior and exterior modelling, workshops, paintshop, model storage, and materials & services.
•    Virtual Presentation Area: Virtual Reality Room.
•    Physical Presentation Area: Square central courtyard (430m2).

All working areas are articulated around this dual-function courtyard. On the one hand it provides abundant natural light for all working areas; on the other hand it offers an ideal scenario for the presentation of future brand models so as to view shape, colour and trim under natural light.

Both the courtyard and the different workshops on the ground floor are visible at all times from the upper-floor glass-fronted offices housing design and management, which occupy a strategic position within the building thanks to direct visual control of the different stages of prototype development, enabling optimum oversight of the design and production process.

The ground-floor workshops take up a substantial amount of floor-space.  But the display areas too play a prominent part since, together with the courtyard, they offer maximum flexibility for the presentation of new models.

The building is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies in computer-assisted design such as powerful advanced simulation and calculation tools and virtual reality systems, enabling simultaneous visualisation by several people of the model being worked on at any given moment.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of a new design philosophy searching for purity in lines, materials and architecture, and which will be seen in future SEAT models.

But this new complex –large enough to accommodate a hundred highly-qualified engineers, designers and modellers from all over the world– will serve as a breeding ground not only for the Spanish brand’s products; the entire Volkswagen Group will benefit from its services.

Key figures:
Surface area: 5,600 m²

Workforce: 100 employees

Interior and Exterior Design
Colour & Trim
Design Engineering
Interior and Exterior Modelling