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SEAT MÓtosharing: designed for fleet

SEAT is in the process of becoming a mobility service provider that goes beyond the scope of making vehicles to respond to one of the major mobility trends in the future: the collaborative, shared, sustainable economy. The sharing services of SEAT MÓ, works through the mobile App, in where you can search and book the closest eScooter to drive through the city, depending on your location. Once you have booked the eScooter you can unlock it and use it if you need, the fee you pay is counted per minute.

The SEAT MÓ eScooters are found around motorbike parking spots inside the city limits. Once your journey with the eScooter has ended you can park it in any motorbike parking spot inside the city limits, and end your service through the app. The sharing version will build on the key attributes of the private version, but with some elements designed for the shared mobility market: a top box case to store the helmets, a phone holder, without forgetting the reverse gear to make manoeuvring simpler. The sharing version is available in exclusive Dark Aluminium matt paint with specific decals.

For vehicles used as part of fleet solutions, the battery pack can be removed and swapped with a fresh, fully charged unit to keep the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 on the road and minimise downtime.