2021.7.0 COM/EN
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The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 shows the brand’s boldness and determination to meet the changing needs of customers as they try to navigate through our urban streets. And underneath its modern compact design is a vehicle developed to address the needs of an accessible, sustainable and convenient method of transportation.

Even though the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 uses two wheels, it remains a vehicle that holds the SEAT approach to design close to its heart, mixing the brand’s core themes to deliver a motorcycle that can proudly display the SEAT MÓ logo.

The step-through design offers the convenience that any urban motorcycle needs, with a seat height of 805mm, it offers practicality for a huge range of riders.

From the moment you take to the seat, you know that the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 has been designed to deliver the most engaging ride possible.

The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 benefits from a digital display that provides the most important information and data including: speed, battery state-of-charge, battery, engine and inverter temperature, driving modes, average speed, remaining range and time. All in perfect clarity.

The inclusive dimensions extend to its overall height of 1,559mm (1,093mm without windshield), width of 722mm – making it easy to filter through congested streets – and total length of 2,026mm. The length gives the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 enough room to provide a comfortable riding position for those in control, but also allows the space for a pillion passenger. In addition, the colour coded grab rails help adding reassurance for the passenger.

The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125’s look is defined by its sharp lines and enhanced by the front upright forks, cast 15” wheel at the front and rear 14” wheel that sit on its 1,427mm wheelbase. The round, full LED headlight, surrounded by the daytime running lights, together with the indicators integrated into the bodywork bring a purposefulness to the front look, while the sleek rear LED lighting helps continue the motorcycles flow and adds to the sleekness of the rear design.

The two-tone body gifts the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 a dynamic appearance, and at the same time, the look is emboldened by the exclusive matt paint options: Daring Red, Dark Aluminium or Oxygen White. A palette of 3 colours which gives the eScooter a sporty and fresh design. The bi-colour seat of the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 in grey and black helps separate visually the driver and the passenger zone, while the Daring Red stitching connects with the vibrating colour of the eScooter.

The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 is also about practicality. Under the seat a feature that like in the cars, the brand has taken special attention to in terms of its design, is a huge amount of storage space; this means that storing two full helmets is no problem, and it provides the flexibility to use it to carry anything you need for your trip.

From behind the controls, the front screen offers protection from the wind, directing airflow over the rider. While underneath, the SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 offers both a side and centre stand making parking and storage simpler whether at home or while travelling.