2021.13.2 COM/EN
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New SEAT Ibiza

Safety and convenience

The new SEAT Ibiza integrates a range of new driver assistance systems, making it safer than ever.

Building on the breadth of systems already in place such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Front Assist, and Tiredness Recognition the rejuvenated vehicle now combines some of the most advanced driver assistance systems.

Travel Assist delivers semi-automatic driving across the whole speed range, making sure the vehicle maintains speed as the flow of traffic changes. Add to that Lane Assist, to keep the vehicle centred in the lane and Traffic Sign Recognition, so the vehicle always knows what the speed limit is for any given road and the SEAT Ibiza becomes an even more secure vehicle on the road.

But it doesn’t end there. The vehicle also benefits from Side Assist taking the pressure off when changing lanes. Rear facing radars monitor the vehicle’s blind spots up to 70 meters letting the driver know if there is a vehicle in the vicinity should they want to change lanes for example.

Finally, High Beam Assist has been added to the SEAT Ibiza’s list of advanced technologies. When daylight starts to fail, the system detects vehicles in front of the Ibiza, shifting the light between high and low beam as necessary.