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Introduction: Advanced technologies to meet changing demands

The SEAT Leon has always been a core pillar in the brand’s product range, with a history of success after accumulating more than 2.3 million sales since its introduction in 1999. The fourth-generation SEAT Leon takes the brand to the next level, to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Not only does the vehicle offer new levels of dynamism, efficiency, safety and appeal, but it adds incredibly efficiency too thanks to its advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain at a time when electrification is gaining traction in the market.

The new SEAT Leon brings a strong design evolution, with an exterior and interior language that gives stronger character to the vehicle, helped in no small part by its revised dimensions, overall proportions, its more determined face and a fresh approach to lighting technology, both inside and outside. But it’s under the bonnet where the e-HYBRID takes even bigger steps.

The SEAT Leon e-HYBRID integrates combustion, electric and battery technologies to maximise efficiency and convenience without any compromise on dynamism. The 1.4 litre TSI engine, electric motor and 13kWh lithium-ion battery provide a blended power delivery, offering the dynamics every SEAT vehicle requires, with reduced tailpipe emissions – especially in all-electric mode.

And in a world where digitalisation is king, the e-HYBRID system also makes the SEAT Leon an even more connected proposition, offering consumers greater opportunity to take their digital lives with them into the vehicle, and when they’re out of the car.

The SEAT Leon e-HYBRID’s Full Link system allows Wireless Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay standards to be brought into the cabin - and online infotainment will offer in-car apps soon that expand and improve the customer’s driving experience. The electrified powertrain also gives more control once out of the vehicle, through the SEAT Connect app users can access their vehicle’s data remotely, manage the charging process and control the remote climatization from afar.

The basic requirement of delivering one of the safest vehicles possible remains at the heart of the SEAT Leon. It integrates some of the most advanced driver assistance systems available, including predictive adaptive cruise control, emergency assist and travel assist, to make it the safest car the brand has ever made.

The development of the SEAT Leon was achieved, in part, thanks to the vehicle’s MQB Evo architecture of the Volkswagen Group, providing the toolkit required to develop a vehicle that meets the needs of SEAT’s diverse customer base and the challenge of integrating electrified powertrains in well-established vehicles.

The SEAT Leon characterises the core values of the brand and its goal of offering the best vehicles possible. With the introduction of the new SEAT Leon, now with plug-in hybrid technology, the compact segment is going to witness a transformative force in the market.