100% electric

Born naturally

  • The CUPRA Born takes to the icy landscapes of Lapland and reconnects with its natural essence
  • CUPRA’s first all-electric, environmentally friendly model moves with zero emissions and a sound inspired by nature
  • The Arctic Circle is the land of the Northern Lights which inspired the CUPRA Born’s exclusive Aurora Blue colour

The CUPRA Born makes its way through the vast, cold landscapes of Rovaniemi, Finland. The two have a lot in common - CUPRA’s first all-electric car is inspired by extreme nature, like that found in the Arctic Circle. Now the CUPRA Born drives through Lapland, ready to feel the thrill of the wilderness that inspired it, without disturbing nature.

Nature at its finest. While driving through the icy landscapes of Lapland, the sustainable CUPRA Born finds itself at one with its essence. Designed in Barcelona, CUPRA’s first all-electric car is inspired by nature at its finest. “CUPRA’s design is inspired by nature. Not in its idyllic version, but in its less defined form: stone, wood, minerals... We’ve created a holistic experience, where everything tells the same story” says Francesca Sangalli, head of CUPRA’s Color&Trim team.

The colour of the Northern Lights. The CUPRA Born stands out against the ice and snow with its Aurora Blue colour, created exclusively for this model and inspired by the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. “At CUPRA we’ve certainly turned nature into colour” says Francesca. In the Arctic Circle, where the CUPRA Born is now travelling, the dark sky lights up with this dynamic colour display up to 200 nights a year.

The sound of nature. The CUPRA Born moves silently forward, but as it needed a sound in keeping with its sustainable philosophy, CUPRA’s team of designers and engineers created an exclusive one for it, based on natural sounds such as the rustling of leaves, the crunch of pebbles or the wind blowing against copper. “We’ve achieved an amazing sound, with metallic tones, without being cold, and the calm, soft warmth of wood. And then there’s the copper, which generates a lot of light. It really is a very natural experience” Francesca concludes. It’s a sound that blends in with the hushed stillness of the Rovaniemi countryside.

Electrifying cold. Night falls and the temperature drops. The snow on the road freezes, but the CUPRA Born follows its route thanks to its wide proportions, which give it extra grip. Its headlights illuminate the way through the darkness of the forest. The CUPRA Born returns to its natural origins. Perhaps tonight it will get to see the colour display of the Northern Lights.

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