Unstoppable Impulse event

Unstoppable Impulse event

The heroes behind CUPRA’s Unstoppable Impulse

  • Last week CUPRA held the Unstoppable Impulse, an unconventional six-day event to present its vision of the future and its new models through to 2025
  • Behind the event is the effort of a team of more than 100 people who worked for three months to realise a dream that was experienced by 4,200 attendees from 44 countries
  • 10,000 megapixels were projected onto the most emblematic curve of the Terramar circuit in a spectacular videomapping projection

CUPRA is a brand that likes to challenge the status quo. And what happened last week at Terramar (Sitges) was a step further in its bid to defy convention. Four years after the brand’s launch at the iconic circuit, CUPRA returned to the place where it all began to present its vision of the future and unveil the new heroes for a new era, its models until 2025. Excitement, passion and an unstoppable impulse pervaded the circuit for six days during which one of CUPRA’s biggest challenges to date was realised. The effort dedicated to achieving this dream is hard to measure, but below is a sample of the numbers behind the Unstoppable Impulse:

3 months. That’s how long it took to put the event together. Behind the resounding success of the presentation of the new heroes for the new era are other heroes, those who worked tirelessly for more than 90 days to make it possible: a multidisciplinary and transversal team that was put together to organise CUPRA’s biggest event to date. In total, around a hundred people were involved in staging this event which “is a new step in the history of our brand and which unveils the new heroes for a new era”, as the brand’s CEO Wayne Griffiths put it. 

More than 20,000 m2 of CUPRA essence. In the 36 days leading up to the event, the Terramar circuit underwent a total transformation, with the construction and reconditioning of various spaces and buildings created exclusively to host the occasion. Among them was the Prism, an amazing building covered in mirrors, reflecting the blue and red tones of the sunset in contrast with the neon tones of the CUPRA space. The structure was positioned next to the main curve of the circuit. “That’s the curve where you need to drive the fastest to get around it, the biggest impulse, a symbolic element that’s in perfect keeping with the message of the event” explains David Durán, the head of the project on behalf of the Dicom events agency.

More than 4,200 attendees. They came to Terramar from up to 44 different countries with the same passion: CUPRA. “During the six-day event, the experience was personalised to the fullest by focusing on the different audiences: management, press and institutions, commercial team, dealers (two days) and CUPRA Masters” says CUPRA’s Brand Experience Manager Patrick Sievers. At the event, CUPRA presented its new heroes for the new era, with three electrified models leading up to 2025, the CUPRA Tavascan and the CUPRA Terramar, as well as the CUPRA UrbanRebel, which was revealed using virtual reality, offering an immersive experience to those present, who even had the chance to drive the car with 3D glasses. Before the unveiling the future, guests were able to admire the current range of models, some concepts and race cars on the circuit. In total, 13 vehicles were on display for the special occasion. 

450 accredited media and content creators. The press and institutional day attracted media from all over the world, with journalists and content creators from up to 27 nationalities gathered to learn about the brand’s exciting plans for the future. In addition, a content production studio was set up on the terrace area, from which two streamers broadcast a live programme for three and a half hours. It has already accumulated more than 100,000 views.

More than 10,000 megapixels. Videomapping was used to project a colossal, three-minute visual spectacle onto the curve of the circuit, for more than 80 metres, synchronised with the movement of the CUPRA UrbanRebel Concept, the CUPRA e-RACER and the CUPRA Tavascan XE, driven by driver and ambassador Jutta Kleinschmidt. The audio-visual set-ups played an essential role in the event, filling the 225 m2 of the three screens on the stage and the multiple projections throughout the space with content. 

28 metres of graffiti. The brand’s new ambassador, urban artist Tvboy, was in charge of capturing the essence of the CUPRA Tribe on a 28-metre wall illustrated with the faces of some of its ambassadors. Among them were actor Daniel Brühl and footballers Marc ter Stegen and Alexia Putellas, who also took part in the event. But the painted faces weren’t the only recognisable ones to be seen at the event, which was attended by personalities such as Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, and political representatives such as the president of the Catalan government, Pere Aragonès, and the Spanish Minister for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez. 

A shared unstoppable impulse. The effort and work of so many people behind this event was crucial. CUPRA presented this new step in its history and its vision of the future to all those who contributed to making it possible. Because as CUPRA Director of Strategy, Development and Operations Antonino Labate said, “the brand moves people, but it’s the people who make the brand. We are CUPRA.”

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