How do FC Barcelona star players react to a minute of pure adrenaline?

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How do FC Barcelona star players react to a minute of pure adrenaline?

  • FC Barcelona players Marc ter Stegen, Alexia Putellas, Ansu Fati and Ana-Maria Crnogorčević enjoy a unique experience aboard the CUPRA UrbanRebel
  • One minute of full throttle during a lap on the Montmeló circuit triggers extreme emotions in the members of the CUPRA Tribe
  • “I had the same feeling as when I’m about to take a penalty shot” says CUPRA ambassador and FC Barcelona player Alexia Putellas

Nervousness, excitement, euphoria... These are the emotions caused by a sudden adrenaline rush, and FC Barcelona star players Marc ter Stegen, Alexia Putellas, Ansu Fati and Ana-Maria Crnogorčević are no strangers to the feeling. As footballers, they experience it in every match. Now the CUPRA ambassadors get the rush in the most extreme way aboard the all-electric, 100% adrenaline fuelled CUPRA UrbanRebel during a lap around the Montmeló circuit at peak power.

Maximum power under control. It takes a thrill seeker to get into a car with a maximum power output of 320 kW. And it’s even more extreme with CUPRA driver Jordi Gené at the wheel. “We’re on a closed motocross track at the Montmeló circuit and all they have to do is sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the experience.” A lap at full-power around the asphalt and dirt track has FC Barcelona player Alexia Putellas’ heart racing. “It was super exciting. I had total confidence in Jordi, but even so, during the turns you get this feeling in your stomach and the nerves get you going... it was incredible.” For her club teammate Marc ter Stegen, it was a unique experience: “It’s something totally different. Watching him crank the steering wheel at lightning speed was something else.”

100% electric adrenaline. The CUPRA UrbanRebel is the brand’s most radical interpretation of the electric city car. It goes from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds thanks to its two electric motors. It was such an amazing experience that some, like FC Barcelona player Ansu Fati, wanted to have another go. “Another lap, another lap” said the striker and added at the end of his second round “I didn’t think I’d like it, but the truth is that I really enjoyed it, enough to do it 10 more times.”

Emotions in every aspect. They all agreed that in a certain way, they’ve experienced similar adrenaline rush situations in their sport: “In a match, in the penalty shoot-out; it’s almost the same feeling when you’re getting ready for a penalty kick and you’re alone in front of the goal. I love that feeling” says FC Barcelona player Ana-Maria Crnogorčević, as does her team-mate Alexia Putellas. “That’s when your adrenaline is through the roof” she says.

The same daredevil spirit. If the CUPRA UrbanRebel is considered the most radical interpretation of the brand that defies all conventions, the members of the CUPRA Tribe represent that same essence in their sports, sharing the same rebellious spirit. “In the end you try to be tough and unswerving and I think that’s the way this car is, the way it reacts, the way it’s assertive. And we want to be fast, we want to be successful, to stand out, and this car breaks with conformity” Ter Stegen concludes.

The FC Barcelona stars were not the only ones to enjoy this full-power experience at the Montmeló circuit. The CUPRA Padel Tribe and Olympic kayaker Saúl Craviotto also attended the CUPRA Content Tribe Day. 

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