Born to fly high

  • The CUPRA Born crowns the summit of Mittelallalin, 3,456 metres above sea level, in a collaboration between CUPRA and the Saas-Fee ski resort
  • CUPRA’s first 100% electric model flew over the Swiss Alps suspended from one of the most powerful helicopters in existence
  • Two months of preparation for an unconventional challenge with harsh weather conditions that added to the difficulty

In the icy Swiss Alps, a car flies over Europe’s highest peaks suspended from a helicopter. It’s the CUPRA Born, taking on an unconventional challenge in a high-altitude scenario. The goal? To airlift the first all-electric CUPRA model to the summit of Mittelallalin, at 3,456 metres above sea level, by helicopter. In collaboration with the Saas-Fee ski resort, this is the ultimate adventure that pushes the boundaries of a 100% electric thrill.

-A high-altitude challenge. Getting the CUPRA Born to the summit was an unparalleled challenge in the cold Swiss winter. “Icy gusty winds and the weight of the car were added difficulties” explains Nicolas Hobi, Head of CUPRA Marketing in Switzerland. So, the team spent two months in preparation and waited for ideal weather conditions with the best possible visibility. “It was a test of pushing limits and performance, and failure wasn’t an option” says Nicolas. A crew of five experts performed the challenge aboard an AS332 Super Puma helicopter, one of the largest and most powerful there are. 

-Electric emotions. The helicopter collected the Born in Saas-Almagell, a small village at 1,672 metres above sea level, and flew it over a distance of 10 kilometres through snow-capped peaks. It made a vertical ascent of 1,828 metres in 15 minutes. Upon arrival, “the pilot had to perform an extremely complicated manoeuvre to get the car right on top of the platform” says Nicolas. On the ground, a team from the Saas-Fee mountain railways helped to position the Born in this unique location. 

-An electric car towering above. On the summit of Mittelallalin, the Born features alongside the world’s highest revolving restaurant and blends in with the surroundings, like the imposing four-thousand-plus metre Dom mountain or the thousand-year-old Fee glacier, which is home to the world’s largest ice cave. To preserve this unique environment, the CO2 emissions of this challenge were neutralised through the MyClimate carbon offset project.

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