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Interior design

Before you even step inside the CUPRA Born, the scene is set with the puddle light shining down from the wing mirror, representing the CUPRA logo onto the floor in front of you. It’s a teaser of the effortless stylishness and personality that the cabin holds.

Expressive lines, characterful surfacing and dramatic material cuts define the new, highly emotional design language.

As the driver takes their place in the sports bucket seats and takes hold of the CUPRA-specific steering wheel the CUPRA Born’s qualities of style, electrifying performance and being an unconventional challenger gain even more clarity.

The interior is honed to take on the digitalised world, the standard floating 12” touchscreen takes centre stage, angled slightly to provide the perfect view for the driver, offering easy access to a range of functions in a simple and intuitive style.

But as you glance through the steering wheel the smaller, more focused instrument cluster comes into view, the simplified layout delivering the most relevant information in complete clarity. The smaller digital cockpit also houses the gearshift buttons and parking brake.

In a world where screen size has become king this may seem counterintuitive, but there is good reason to strip complexity from this area of the cabin.

Thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system, which projects crucial information onto the windscreen, and appears as if layered over the real world, information like the driver assistance indicators, speed and navigation system indications, all data is directly in the driver’s line of sight, improving the overall driving experience and highlighting the clearly driver-centred cabin.

The new MEB platform brings new possibilities for interior design, maximizing space by the clever use of storage and functionality areas like the high center console, which combines full connectivity with maximum storage capacity and all mixed with elegant material codes. This feature is designed in the same neoprene look material as the Bucket seat, to maximise quality on the inside.

All the lines in the dashboard are orientated towards the driver, while a more pure, sculptural surface treatment is reserved for the passenger’s area, creating two clearly divided spaces.

The interior highlights CUPRA’s dedication to sustainability, reducing its impact on the environment - something that encompasses more than reducing carbon emissions. To this end the CUPRA Born’s interior makes use of recycled material.

The central part of the bucket seats is manufactured from SEAQUAL® Yarn made from upcycled marine plastics.

Marine litter from beaches, the ocean floor and surface, or entering oceans from rivers and estuaries is collected by clean-up programme and sorted into different material types. The plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into upcycled marine plastic and transformed into the beautiful, new, sustainable products that make up the CUPRA Born’s bucket seats.

The interior can be trimmed in a range of colours to help elevate the feeling of space and quality, while the use of 3D effects and surfaces enrich the feeling of modernity, iridescence and vibrancy.

One of the material choices is DINAMICA®, an eco-friendly micro-fiber that can be used on both the door panels and upholstery. There are two different options in terms of colour finish, that the driver can choose either dark blue or grey.

Interior space is maximised thanks to the CUPRA Born’s dimensions; it’s wheelbase is 2767mm giving it the proportions needed to house driver and passengers comfortably, while the boot has a capacity of 385 litres.

Moving into the rear, the feeling of spaciousness is brought alive using both dark and light colours. Lighter colours provide the feeling of freshness while darker shades deliver a greater feeling of solidity.