Exterior design

The CUPRA Born’s design serves more than one purpose, not only does it draw you to the vehicle, but it also highlights that EVs don’t need to be humdrum, electric mobility is exciting. The CUPRA Born’s design highlights the essential characteristics of electric vehicles; impressive performance, dynamic, pleasurable driveability and the ability to thrill.

For that reason, the CUPRA Born’s exterior design unconventional, unique and emotional. Electrification isn’t a contradiction for a high-performance brand, it’s a way to project the brand into the future.

“The CUPRA Born’s design is multifaceted, it sharpens the CUPRA look while at the same time incorporating the modernity of its advanced electric powertrain” said Jorge Díez, Design Director at CUPRA and SEAT. “It delivers a strong CUPRA character that expresses agility and performance with its mix of flowing surfaces and technical details.”

The CUPRA Born’s delivers strong CUPRA character that expresses agility and performance. It mixes flowing surfaces with extensive use of body-colour and technical details to provide design that exudes sportiness and elegance.

The face of the CUPRA Born delivers the first visual impact and an instant emotion. It imbues personality, refinement and determination.

The front character and presence are achieved through the newly designed full LED headlights and the lower mouth designed to channel air towards the radiator – this concave upper section sits like a shark nose, penetrating and a sure sign of strength.

Below sits the large air intake with a copper frame, because although electric cars need less air than a combustion engine, the powertrain still needs thermal characteristics to be optimised. The mix of engineering requirements and design approach help achieve the perfect balance between form and function.

The bonnet incorporates 3D shapes to help bend the light and make the front end of the CUPRA Born come to life. While the volume sitting on top of the headlights and through the wings that helps generate the vehicle’s sporty stance.

The striking full LED lighting technology is incredibly important to the final look of the CUPRA Born. The signature is unique and instantly recognisable, enhanced by the small triangles on the side of the lamp. The lighting includes an animated ceremony as you approach and start the vehicle, enhancing the experience even further.

The finishing touch for the front design is the copper CUPRA badge. Framed at the very front of the bonnet between two crisp lines that direct the eye downwards towards the CUPRA lettering, the positioning and design add to the level of overall quality.

As the eye sweeps around to the CUPRA Born’s side profile the eye is drawn to the rake of the A-pillar, not only does it help draw a sleeker, performance-driven look, it also serves a functional aspect in improving airflow over the vehicle and allows for the integration of the head-up display in the cabin.

Four additional elements help to make the car look sleeker, sportier and incredibly purposeful. One is the flowing aerodynamic side sill element at the very bottom of the vehicle, an element that sits in contrast to the body colour. The second element is the sharp lines that strike through the length of the body creating a sleekness and presence to the high-performance all-electric CUPRA Born.

The third element is the C-pillar treatment that gives the impression the roof is floating. The pillar uses an alternatively coloured, three-dimensional textured surface to create lightness in the side aspect, but also a determinations and dynamism.

Finally, the wheel design, an iconic element of the vehicle’s design, and one that will make it standout even from distance and the CUPRA Born has six incredible designs in 18”, 19” and 20” to help finish its look.

The alloy designs include aerodynamic inserts and copper accents. The inserts improve aerodynamics helping the CUPRA Born to maximise its efficiency and overall performance. Machine finished with copper highlights makes them even more distinguishable.

The CUPRA Born’s lines flow through and around to the rear. The rear spoiler seamlessly connects to the C-pillar drawing the eye from the side aspect to the rear. And with a body coloured, integrated diffuser that enriches the rear in a natural way and gives it a sporty and aerodynamic character, the CUPRA Born’s rear design is framed at both the top and bottom.

The rear coast-to-coast light delivers not only impressive illumination, but the full LED technology also gives a more advanced look. But the system also helps deliver greater perceived width, giving a more secure feeling when you approach the vehicle.

The tailgate is flush to the bumper giving a smoothness to the design, while also reinforcing its strength. At the lowest point sit the number plate, reflectors, and the technical elements within an island surrounded by body colour. This approach delivers an increased feeling of refinement.

And with a palette of six colour choices (Vapor Grey, Glacial White, Geyser Silver, Rayleigh Red, Quasar Grey and the exclusive Aurora Blue), the CUPRA Born’s personality can be finished to suite a variety of tastes, but all help to emphasise the personality and determination of the brand’s first all-electric high-performance car.