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CUPRA Born Dynamic

Connectivity: Ready to be part of the digital eco-system

The CUPRA Born is set to become an integral part of the digital eco-system, integrating the most advanced infotainment and connectivity solutions to keep customers plugged in.

The ability to take our digital lives with us in the car is an increasingly important aspect of society. The CUPRA Born brings automotive into the modern world and makes it an integral part of our daily life, but in a way that never distracts from the pleasure of driving.

The CUPRA Born’s digital cockpit symbolises the approach to the digitalisation of the interior. The screen provides greater functionality in complete clarity, allowing drivers to view the information that is most important to them and their journey.

In a vehicle with performance at its heart, the need to stay focused on the road ahead is even more acute. It’s why the CUPRA Born integrates an augmented reality head-up display that projects information onto the windscreen. Information such as the driver assistance indicators, speed and navigation system indications, but to the driver’s eyes sits in the real world, making it clearer, more intuitive and less distracting.

The systems are enhanced by a standard floating 12” infotainment system, that incorporates a 1,560 x 700-pixel display, mixing the benefits of touchscreen inputs, physical buttons and voice control.

The infotainment system can display a range of data and information including 3D navigation, music, contacts and a host of additional functions. It’s the bridge that keeps customers instantly connected.

The Wireless Full Link system means the CUPRA Born’s infotainment system can be connected to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So, whether you want to bring

your contact list, music - which thanks to a nine speaker Beats audio system, can be listened to in incredibly dynamic quality - or mapping systems into the car, they’re all available, and can be accessed in a controlled, intuitive, safe manner.

Capacitive touch technology improves interaction, making the use of the system responsive and precise. Touch sliders add to the ease of use, allowing control of the Climatronic as well as volume control.

As voice assistants from the consumer electronics world become an ever-present, the CUPRA Born also integrates voice recognition, arguably one of the most natural ways to interact with devices, it reduces distraction because there is no need to look away from the road ahead.

The system can be used to find navigation information or search for music in a safer and easier way. Simply say the wake-up words “Hola, Hola” and the system is ready to interact with.

But it’s the connection with the outside world that is growing in importance. So, at the CUPRA Born’s core is CUPRA CONNECT, with the completely redeveloped My CUPRA app.

CUPRA CONNNECT unlocks online services in the car. Customers can manage battery charging from the My CUPRA app, setting the exact percentage of battery charge ready for departure. Climate control can be activated remotely, setting the target temperature in advance or automatically after unlocking doors, together with front seat heating for driver and co-pilot.

Planning is also possible, by adapting both charging and climatisation to a certain schedule through customised profiles, or by sending your next destination from the My CUPRA app to the navigation system.

Also, the infotainment system is upgraded with access to online features, such as online navigation with up-to-date traffic information, talking with natural commands or checking charging stations.

The embedded SIM isn’t only about maintaining contact with our digital lives, it also brings improved safety into the vehicle as users benefit from the eCall service. If an accident occurs the vehicle can directly contact the emergency services either manually or automatically. And should the worst happen, the vehicle can relay important data including car position, engine type, and number of passengers making it easier for them to assist.

And, to make sure connections are never lost, the CUPRA Born includes Qi standard protocol inductive charging for mobile devices.