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CUPRA Born Dynamic

Chassis: Dynamics guaranteed

Engineers have worked hard to make sure that the CUPRA Born mates electrification and performance perfectly, showing electric cars can be exhilarating to drive.

Delivering a vehicle that provides a polished dynamic experience no matter what the driving scenario required a solid foundation. The CUPRA Born uses Volkswagen Group’s MEB architecture, with a specific CUPRA application when equipped with the DCC (15 mm lower in the front axle and 10 mm lower in the rear axle than the Volkswagen Group’s MEB standard height).

The modular electric drive matrix platform allowed CUPRA’s engineers to enhance the vehicle’s dynamic ability, making it as agile, elegant and focused as possible. From the first acceleration to initial movement of the steering wheel as you take a corner, the CUPRA Born flawlessly delivers.

Its dimensions play a huge part in the CUPRA Born’s dynamic ability; It’s 4,322mm long, 1,809mm wide, 1,540mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,767mm. Add the well-known, robust chassis technologies of front MacPherson struts and an advanced five multi-link design at the rear and the CUPRA Born benefits from a secure platform to build the dynamics expected of the unconventional challenger brand.

Positioned between the axles, the battery’s weight sits low and central, delivering an almost perfect 50:50 distribution and a low-slung centre of gravity. It makes the CUPRA Born quick to change direction, and agile on even the most technical roads. It has the undeniable CUPRA dynamics along with an emotional feel and sporty finish.

The engineering team has gone to extremes to make sure that the CUPRA Born justifies carrying the iconic copper badge.

The Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) – including a CUPRA setting – has been tuned over 30,000km (more than two times around the earth) of testing covering thousands of different scenarios to make sure the damper and shock absorber settings are on point.

The DCC works in conjunction with the fine-tuned sport suspensions (15 mm lower in the front axle and 10 mm lower in the rear axle than the Volkswagen Group’s MEB standard height) to meet the expectations of whoever gets behind the wheel. So, no matter if the vehicle is in Range, Comfort, Performance, Individual or CUPRA mode the ride exactly matches the driver’s requirements.

Standard progressive steering gives confidence and complete control to the driver, while specific ESC Sport and improved brake actuation and feel means the CUPRA Born delivers on every level no matter what the conditions.

The CUPRA Born brings new qualities too. Because the high-performance EV benefits from brake recuperation – up to a staggering 0.3g when the accelerator is released and the motor acts a generator to feed energy back into the battery (this happens when the ‘B’ mode is selected rather than ‘D’)– wear and tear on the brakes is hugely reduced. It opens up a new way of driving, with fewer braking interventions needed, reducing stress, especially in urban environments.

Ensuring CUPRA’s first pure electric vehicle meets the highest demands means focusing on every detail, and the CUPRA Born’s engineering team looked to make improvements everywhere, including on the wheels and tyres to be optimised.

In addition to 215mm tyres available with a range of alloy wheels between 18” and 20”, the CUPRA Born also uses a 235mm high performance wider tyre, to reach optimal performance and maximum grip while maintaining the CUPRA Born’s overall efficiency. When equipped with these wider tyres the CUPRA Born offers the possibility to completely disconnect the ESC (ESC off), to create and even more thrilling sensation behind the wheel.