Exterior design

CUPRA Tavascan

Exterior Design

Berlin/Martorell, 21 April 2023

The CUPRA Tavascan marks an important shift for CUPRA, not only as the brand’s first all-electric SUV coupe but as the impulse for a new striking design language that will transfer to future electrified cars in the brand’s line-up.

Delivering on a dream: The CUPRA Tavascan remains faithful to the showcar presented at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, the initial step in bringing the dream of an all-electric SUV coupe to the market.

“The CUPRA Tavascan brings an unconventional style with its progressive and emotional approach to the SUV coupe segment,” said Jorge Díez, CUPRA Design Director. “It’s a new interpretation of electric performance that’s daring, and organic, built on strong lines and an athletic and purposeful stance.”

An icon for a new era: CUPRA has always been the challenger brand, and it takes this mantle into the design of its first all-electric SUV coupe, with its unique personality and iconic face.

The front of the CUPRA Tavascan presents a new generation of cars with an intimidating and mysterious look with rich details. The focal point is the three-triangle eye signature in the headlamp. These illuminated triangles are accompanied by advanced lighting functions, such as Matrix beam. The Matrix function allows a fully automatic lighting system, which avoids glaring other vehicles driving both, in our direction or in the opposite direction. the CUPRA Lighting Concept makes the all-electric SUV coupe instantly recognisable. The look is enhanced by the illuminated CUPRA logo – one of the first series production model to light up its logo in Europe - that proudly adorns the bonnet with its deep sculptural surfaces.

The front of the CUPRA Tavascan has been moulded to not only deliver an eye-catching aesthetic, but it’s also rooted in ultimate performance, improving aerodynamics.  

At the bottom of the vehicle, the lines flow into the air intakes, adding a practical feature to the final design, channelling air inwards to improve thermal characteristics of the all-electric SUV coupe.

Inspired from the racetrack: As you sweep your eyes to the side of the CUPRA Tavascan, its athleticism and sporty proportions come into view. A design that emphasises the all-electric SUV coupe’s performance and the sensation of speed. It’s achieved through a design language that stretches the surface muscles in a wedge directly from the “shark nose” to the tailgate.

Add to this the “helmet” concept where the polished black A-pillar connects the windscreen to the side glass, generating a panoramic effect similar to that of the racing driver’s visor and the suggestion of performance grows even further. All these concepts came inspired by the CUPRA Tavascan XE race car, that competes in the all-electric Extreme E series.

Rolling design: The CUPRA Tavascan’s side profile is enhanced by the wheel design. The range of 19”, 20” and 21” machined and forged alloys extend the character of the all-electric SUV coupe on the road, and they have practical benefits too.

The wheels’ aerodynamic covers better direct the flow of air, reducing turbulence and helping the CUPRA Tavascan maximise efficiency. The blend of design and engineering continues to the rear of the vehicle.

Every element counts: The CUPRA Tavascan rear design is centred on the characteristic forms of the taillights and the continuation of the CUPRA lighting concept; its three-triangle graphic representation together with the illuminated CUPRA logo takes the centre stage. Even when not illuminated the signature is clearly CUPRA: distinctive and instantly recognisable.

The lighting concept adds to the CUPRA Tavascan’s rear proportions that push the feeling of width and solidity, re-emphasising the SUV’s progressive and emotional design. Every element is part of this design approach, even down to the reflectors that increase the perception of width.

Design themes and engineering approaches marry to deliver the CUPRA Tavascan’s strong character and improve performance. This is highlighted in the rear diffuser design, providing width to the vehicle but also increased aerodynamic performance.

Lighting is a core part of the external ambience of the CUPRA Tavascan; the welcome light illuminates the floor with the CUPRA logo. Beyond that LEDs are also integrated into the door handles, not only adding a new imaginative feature to the vehicle’s character, but also practicality, making them easier to use when darkness falls.

The new character is reinforced with the colour palette: Tavascan Blue, White Silver, Atacama Desert, Urano Grey, Hypernova Red and Century Bronze Matt*.