CUPRA Tavascan


Berlin/Martorell, 21 April 2023

The CUPRA Tavascan slots into our digital lives effortlessly. Becoming a core part of the digital eco-system, integrating advanced infotainment and connectivity solutions to keep customers in touch.

It shows the interchange between consumer and automotive electronics; the CUPRA Tavascan’s connectivity has been defined by rigorous and extensive tests, considering the habits, desires and requirements of customers to produce something that delivers the functionality essential for everyday life, complementing, not distracting from the driving experience.

Engaging and personalised digitalisation: The CUPRA Tavascan opens the door to a new generation of user experience, one that’s easier to use, intuitive and highly customisable thanks to a new Human Machine Interface (HMI). At its centre is a 15” centre console screen - the largest so far in a CUPRA model - that delivers clarity for the driver and other occupants. It provides access to all the required functionality, allowing drivers to view the information that is most important to them.

The display mixes the benefits of touchscreen inputs with a retro illuminated touch bar to adjust interior climate and volume, as well as voice control. And with the ability to include up to three configurable widgets, the infotainment system can be dialled into individual needs.

When first switched on, the HOME layout delivers every important function and is instantly understandable at first glance with access to core features in a single click without distractions. The upper zone of the display gives direct access to the main menus, streamlining use.

The customisable widgets are focused on the driver with a diagonal style and two sizes allowing information to be prioritised. To simplify things further two banks of widgets allow direct access to the main functions of the car.

The CUPRA Tavascan also integrates the Wireless Full Link system, bringing both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the cabin.

Step-up in sound: Audio content, whether it’s music, podcasts or even calls, is redefined thanks to the CUPRA Tavascan’s new sound system. The 12-speaker system was developed in collaboration with premium and leader company in its segment Sennheiser, a specialist in high-fidelity equipment. This is the first CUPRA model to feature a high-fidelity sound system and it is a step forward in terms of high quality for the brand, as the sound quality and integration inside the car is immersive and provides a unique sound experience for the driver and the passengers. 

And for a vehicle that places driver interaction above all else, the large central screen is supplemented with a 5.3” digital cockpit that delivers a driver-focused experience. But it is the ability to place core information right in front of the driver’s eyes that help set the CUPRA Tavascan apart.

Pure and concise driver information: Its augmented reality head-up display projects information onto the windscreen; driver assistance indicators, speed, and navigation system indications, all sit in the real world in driver’s eyes, making it clearer without distracting.

Connected services: The CUPRA Tavascan’ digital presence is amplified by CUPRA CONNECT and CUPRA App.

With three years free access after customers take delivery of their vehicle, access to online services is instantly available; online traffic information, online route calculation, dynamic points of interest are all only a matter of a few steps away.

And with My CUPRA App, customers have complete control over their vehicle, able to control climatization remotely, manage battery charging and remote locking and unlocking amongst others.

Digitalisation isn’t simply about staying in the digital loop, the embedded SIM adds improved safety into the CUPRA Tavascan as users benefit from the eCall service. If an accident occurs the vehicle can directly contact the emergency services either manually or automatically. And should the worst happen the vehicle can relay important data including car position, motor type, and number of passengers making it easier for them to assist.