CUPRA Formentor VZ5

CUPRA Tavascan

Safety and convenience

Berlin/Martorell, 21 April 2023

The CUPRA Tavascan is also a safe everyday vehicle that can help reduce the stress of driving and minimise any possible incidents.

The onboard technologies also take some of the strain of everyday driving thanks to semi-automated driving capabilities.

A suite of onboard advanced assisted driving systems: Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Adaptation, Side Assist, Lane Assist, Exit Warning, Exit Assist, Fatigue Detection and Rear View eSmart Camera. Including the advanced active safety functions, such as Front Assist, with swerve support and turn assist, which prevents or mitigates the possible damage in an emergency situation, monitoring other road users like cars, pedestrians, and bicycles.

With the new Car2x system, the communication between other vehicles is enabled, sharing road information about emergency vehicles, broke down vehicles, accidents, etc. allowing to prevent critical situations more in advance.

The full range of assistance systems deliver valuable information to the driver, and all relevant information is present in the driver’s line of sight, thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system, minimising distraction.

The onboard systems use data supplied from an array of integrated sensors, whether that’s radar, camera or ultrasonic, and information fed from outside sources to build a picture of the vehicle’s surroundings and any possible hazards.

New Connected Travel Assist: When the road ahead allows, Travel Assist technology works in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control as well as improving the performance due to the information obtained from the Cloud. The cumulative information actively keeps the vehicle in the center of the lane, adapting the speed while cornering. This next-generation technology also offers the assisted lane changing on motorways.

A 360º view: The CUPRA Tavascan’s Side and Exit Assist gives a visual and audible warning if something is hidden from your view. Exit Warning gives an acoustic caution if someone or something is approaching the CUPRA Tavascan when you’re parked and want to leave the vehicle.

The all-electric SUV coupe’s Emergency Assist system: the Emergency Assist makes sure the driver remains focused on driving and isn’t distracted, using visual and acoustic warnings to get the driver’s attention. If there is no reaction from the driver, the system can initiate braking jolts, if there is no change the vehicle can come to a complete stop and activate the warning lights. Once parked, the vehicle can directly contact the emergency services using the eCall system.

Assisted Parking now allows parking manoeuvres to be done remotely using a smartphone. Another CUPRA Tavascan Parking feature is the Trained Parking where the driver is completely assisted 50 meters ahead of a previously memorized parking space.